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[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 9]
James LaughlinSome Natural Things Last couple of days before Ash Wednesday, just in time to write and thank you for Some Natural Things which I ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 39]
James LaughlinPoems : selections : a small book of poems / James Laughlin Yesterday Father Abbot gave me your package of books on St. John of the X from Paris and your small book of po..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 44-45]
Ezra PoundPisan Cantos I agree about nog having enough form, but I can't figure out how I am going to acquire any: but thanks for the..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 62]
Franz KafkaDiaries of Franz Kafka 1910-1923 / Collected and translated from German by Max Brod Thanks for the Rilke. I am still entranced with Kafka's diaries [Note: Kafka's Diaries: The Diaries of Franz K..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 62]
Kenneth PatchenSelected Poems Thanks for the Rilke. I am still entranced with Kafka's diaries [Note: Kafka's Diaries: The Diaries of Franz K..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 68]
Arthur RimbaudSeason in Hell Bob promised me Eliot's Cocktail Party and I am eager to see it. The Novice Master would not let Season in Hel..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 71]
 Bhagavad Gita Somebody sent me the Bhagavad-Gita and I am very interested in it. I think the trouble with Hinduism is not in..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 88]
Grenville ClarcPlan for Peace I hope you will be saying some special prayers for a man named Grenville Clark up in New Hampshire. He has wri..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 112]
Randell JarrellPictures from an Institution You told me Perspectives is closing down. I thought the numbers I saw were very good. Sometimes it occurs to m..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 114]
 Dhammapada For al long time I have been meaning to write about several things. For one, I at last sent off the Dhammappad..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 115]
Graham GreeneQuiet American I sent Naomi a couple more poems, in fact three of four more. Where did I leave off with the stuff you have? D..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 123]
Samuel BeckettWaiting for Godot Lax sent me Waiting for Godot which is very funny and I don't see why people are running up and down asking th..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 134-35]
Boris PasternakDoctor Zhivago Thanks for your letter, and for the Pasternak Selected Wrigings which came in today. I was not trying to rush ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 134]
Boris PasternakSelected Writings Thanks for your letter, and for the Pasternak Selected Wrigings which came in today. I was not trying to rush ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 135]
Mark Van DorenAutobiography of Mark Van Doren Mark Van Doren sent his autobiography and I have been enjoying it: it is full of good things and all about eve..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 155]
Boris PasternakSafe Conduct: An Autobiography and other Writings I just learned of the death of poor old Pasternak... I cannot help thinking that within a few years Russia is ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 156]
John WillettTheater of Bertold Brecht I have been reading the ND book on Brecht's theater. It is very interesting. Have you printed any of Brecht's ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 160]
James Laughlinwild anemone & other poems Bob [MacGregor] sent me your Wild Anemone [& Other Poems], which I reproach you for never having told me about..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 181]
Henri MillerMurder the Murderer Also many thanks for the books which have come not only from Ungar but also from Tuttle. All fine. And Henry M..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 181]
Henry MillerRemember to remember Also many thanks for the books which have come not only from Ungar but also from Tuttle. All fine. And Henry M..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 187]
Donald Keys (editor)God and the H Bomb This is certainly enough for a good solid book. Ed Rice sent me one that has been brought out just now, God an..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 187]
Walter Stein (ed.)Nuclear Weapons and the Christian Conscience Furthermore I have run across an excellent small book of articles on Nuclear Weapons and the Christian Conscie..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 188]
Walter Stein (ed.)Nuclear Weapons and the Christian Conscience Carey McWilliams [at The Nation] wrote suggesting I do an article for hij. I thought I would try a review arti..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 192]
Charles Wright MillsCauses of World War Three What are we going to do about some of [C.] Wright Mills' Causes of World War III? Are you the one that had Mar..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 210]
Henry MillerWisdom of the Heart Yes I have the H. Miller books, they got here with a brief delay. The Wisdom of the Heart is extraordinarily g..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 217]
Rachel CarsonSilent spring / by Rachel Carson ; drawings by Lois and Louis Darling I am reading the Rachel Carson book, Silent Spring. That too is powerful. Have you seen it? You certainly shou..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 216]
Ralph E. LappKill and Overkill First of all, I am sorry for not responding more quickly about the books on peace. I suppose I wait to read th..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 228]
Lewis MumfordCity in History I am finally getting down to reading theat great big book of Mumford's the City in History, and it is great...
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 230]
Xavier RynneLetters from Vatican City I saw the Xavier Rynne book: who hasn't? I think it is pretty good, but I think the tone of conspiracy and fan..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 235]
Jean Paul SartreNausée : roman Do you have a copy of Sartre's Nausée around in French? I know you did it in English. I am workingon hum a lot..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 236]
Kenneth RexrothNatural Numbers: New and Selected Poems The new Rexroth is very good too. I certainly like his poems. They are clear and alive. he has a classic touch..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 235-36]
William Carlos WilliamsPaterson Thanks also for [William Carlos Williams's] Patterson. It is impressive to have the whole thing in one, and I ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 239]
Victor HammerConcern for the Art of Civilized Man I liked Victor's book [Concern for the Art of Civilized Man] very much and of course I agree with him. Yet at ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 240]
Henry MillerStand Still like the Hummingbird Many thanks for Miller's Hummingbird which reached me and which I have begun. As usual, I am completely in agr..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 248]
James PurdyCabot Wright Begins The poem ["And the Children of Birmingham"] in the New York Review [Of Books] got there via Bob Giroux, it was..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 262]
Julio CortazarWinners Thanks also for the Cortazar novel, which I think is excellent. I have heard a lot about him. This one sounds ..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 270]
Charles ReznikoffTestimony: The United States (1985-1915) Thanks for the Reznikoff Testimony[,] an austere and impressive book. I would like to do a statement for [Geor..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 275]
Kenneth RexrothCollected Shorter Poems Thanks for the Rexroth Collected [Shorter Poems] which is very nicely done. I will get into it soon and perhap..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 314]
Robert Eduard DuncanOf the War: Passages I was particularly impressed by the Robert Duncan booklet of "passages" on the War. A really fine piece of poe..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 322-23]
Albert CamusPeste All the way in and back I was listening to the news from Israel and Egypt, and is was just lik 1939 all over a..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 324]
Ronald JohnsonLine of Poetry, A Row of Trees I occasionally hear from Jonathan Williams and his company out in Aspen (Ron Johnson['s A line of Poetry, A Ro..
[Ltrs: Laughlin p. 352]
 Dhammapada Certainly I want to meet Lal. Could I please have his address? I hope to land in Calcutta on an evening flight..

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