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Author QuotedRalph E. Lapp
Title QuotedKill and Overkill
Date (Year/Month/Day)1963/01/11
ImprintNew York : Basic Books. 1962
QuotationFirst of all, I am sorry for not responding more quickly about the books on peace. I suppose I wait to read them and comment, and by the time I have read them I forget I owe you an answer. But I liked Kill and Overkill very much, if like is the right word. I thought it was very intelligent and informative in the right kind of way. I have recommended it to people in connection with the [Vatican II] Council, where the issue may eventually come up for some kind of discussion. My own Peace ms. [Peace in the Post-Christian Era] may be taken up by somebody on one of the [Council] commissions. I hope it will, but this is to be treated with discretion.
Quotation SourceThomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters.; Edited by David D. Cooper. / New York: W.W. Norton. 1997, p. 216
Letter toJames Laughlin
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