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ITMS Shannon Fellowships

Research Topics of Shannon Fellows 2011 - 1997



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Daniel P. Horan, OFM

"The Role of the Franciscan Tradition in Thomas Merton’s Understanding of Vocation and Ongoing Conversion."

Malgorzata Poks

"Anthropology, Literary Theory and Post-structuralism in Merton’s The Geography of Lograire."




Mary Frances Coady

"The Unpublished Correspondence Between Thomas Merton and Evelyn Waugh."

Gray Matthews

"The Sermons of Thomas Merton."

Mark C. Meade

"The Mutual Interest of Thomas Merton and James Laughlin in Latin American Poets."



David M. Odorisio

"Thomas Merton and Philoxenus: The Novitiate Conference Tapes."

Jan Sheridan

"Seeing through the Eyes of Thomas Merton: The New York Years."



William Apel

"Signs of Hope: The Social Justice Letters of Thomas Merton."

Vaughn Jerome Fayle

"Musical Settings of the Poetry of Thomas Merton."

Ryan Scruggs (Canada)

"Thomas Merton and the Bible"



John Cronin

"The Ecological Theology of Thomas Merton: A Model for the 21st Century."

Andrea Neuhoff

"An Examination of the Evolutionary Creation of The Seven Storey Mountain."

Stefano Santasilia

"The Influences of Martin Buber and Gabriel Marcel on Merton’s Understanding of Identity and Dialogue"


Rev. Dr. William Mangrum

"Thoughts in Solitude: Merton's Middle Years and the Hermitage of St. Anne."


Katarzyna Bruzda (Poland)

“Merton as Visual Artist.”

Arthur Giacalone

“Video of Merton as an awakened adept within the Christian mystical/monastic lineage.”

Elizabeth Goodwin (Australia)

“Humor in the Writings and Discourses of Merton.”


Daniel Bogert O’Brien (Canada)

“Thomas Merton and Ivan Illich.”

Regina Derieva (Sweden)

“Translations of Merton’s Poetry into Russian.”


Kevin McGuirk (Canada)

“Merton and Writing: Writing as Identity and Writing as Practice.”

Paul R. Dekar

“Thomas Merton on Technology.”

Sharon Moore-Cook (Canada)

“Psychological Dimensions of Thomas Merton Using Myer Brigg Personality Type Inventory.”


Malgorzata Polks (Poland)

“Thomas Merton and the Different Drummer of “the Other” America: Voices that Resonate in Harmony”- examined Latin American connections in Merton’s poetry."

Fr. John Amuji (Nigeria)

“Seeds for a Contemporary Spirituality of Inter-religious Dialogue in the Writings of Thomas Merton.”

Mary Cummings

“The Fertile Friendship of Thomas Merton and Edward Rice.”

Judith Hardcastle (Canada)

“Merton’s Interfaith Interests.”

Patrick Samway, S.J.

“Edit and Evaluate Thomas Merton-Robert Giroux Correspondence.”


Fabrice Blee

“Thomas Merton’s Approach of In-depth Dialogue with Buddhism: Spiritual and Theological Challenges.”

Ginny Bear

“Merton and Foreign Languages.”


Sr. Coleen O’Sullivan (Australia)

“A Significant Solitude.”

Andrei Kirilenkov (Russia)

Russian Translation of Jim Forest’s Living With Wisdom and 4 chapters from Seeds of Contemplation.

Sheila Hempstead

“Tilting the Mirror: A Closer Look at Ruth Calvert Jenkins Merton.”


Andrea Cook (New Zealand)

“A Feminist View of 18 Poems and Merton’s ‘Yes’ to God."

Cristobal Serran-Pagan (Spain)

“Mystical Vision and Prophetic Voice in Thomas Merton and St. John of the Cross: Toward a Mystical Theology of Final Integration.”

Sonia Petisco Martinez (Spain)

“Critical Study and Translation into Spanish of the Poetical Work of Thomas Merton.”

Michael J. Callaghan

“The English Mystics and Thomas Merton’s Sense of Absence. The Spiritualities of Richard Rolle, Julian of Norwich, Walter Hilton provided Merton with a spiritual method whereby he could address the absence of 'Father', 'mother', and 'family'.”

Rusty Moe

“Naked Runner: A Portrait of Thomas Merton.”-film biography.


Elsie Mayer

“Thomas Merton and Bob Dylan Connection.”

Lynn Szabo (Canada)

“The Language of Silence in the Voice and Typography of Thomas Merton’s Poetry.”

Philip Marshall Thompson

“Merton’s Reflections on Modern Technology.”

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