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[Ltrs: CforT p. 114]
Ernesto CardenalGethsemani, Ky Your poems about Gethsemani [Gethsemani, Ky.] are very effective and have a special meaning for anyone who kno..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 134]
Henry MillerWisdom of the Heart I have been in contact with Henry Miller. He has written some extraordinary essays recently, especially a book..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 136]
Ernesto CardenalEpigramas: Poemas Yes I have received your Epigrams: they are magnificent. The Revolutionary Poetry of Nicaragua [Poesía revoluc..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 136]
Ernesto CardenalLiteratura indigena americana: Antología Your poems about the Indians have been simply superb. I am sure your whole book [Literatura indígena americana..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 137]
Ernesto CardenalSalmos Your Psalms [Salmos] are terrific. Those are the versions we should really be chanting in choir. How few monks..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 141]
Hui-nengPlatform scripture / Hui-neng ; (transl. and with an introd. and notes by Wing-tsit Chan) I am sending you John Wu's translation of the Tao Te Ching. The same place has published a translation of an i..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 141]
Lao TzuTao Te Ching / Translated by John C.H. Wu I am sending you John Wu's translation of the Tao Te Ching. The same place has published a translation of an i..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 138]
Joseph Jean Lanza del VastoPelerinage aux Sources Yes, I know Lanza Del Vasto. There was a Jewish student of mysticism here who had visited the Community of L d..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 146]
Rafael SquirruChallenge of the New Man: A Cultural Approach to the Latin American Scene It is a long time since I have written and I do not remember whether I answered yours of May 16th. Perhaps not..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 155]
Ernesto CardenalVida en El Amor Who is publishing your Vida en el amor? It is really excellent"”in some ways equal to Teilhard de Chardin even..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 160]
Ernesto CardenalSalmos Yesterday's copy of the German edition of your Psalms [English translation, The Psalms of Struggle and Liberat..
[Ltrs: CforT p. 162]
Ernesto CardenalMayapan Your Mayapan [long poem] is fine. I am doing some things like that now in a poem. I'll send you bits when they..

Abbreviations ▲ Source of Merton's Quotation and Citation
Ltrs: CforT The Courage for Truth: Letters of Thomas Merton to Writers.
Ltrs: Giroux Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton.
Ltrs: Hammer The Letters of Merton and Victor and Carolyn Hammer.
Ltrs: HGL The Hidden Ground of Love.
Ltrs: Laughlin Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters.
Ltrs: Leclercq Survival or Prophecy? The Letters of Merton and Jean Leclercq.
Ltrs: RtoJ The Road to Joy: Letters to New and Old Friends.
Ltrs: Ruether Letters of Merton and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Ltrs: SofC The School of Charity. Letters on Religious Renewal.
Ltrs: WtoF Witness to Freedom: The Letters of Merton in Times of Crisis.