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[Ltrs: HGL p. 518-19]
Philip Kapleauthree pillars of Zen : teaching, practice, and enlightenment / comp. & ed., with transl., introd. & notes, by Philip Kapleau ; forew. by Huston Smith I was especially interested in your account of [your friends' involvement in] the session at Pendle Hill. Who ..
[Ltrs: HGL p. 518]
Thomas TrahernCenturies, Poems and Thanksgivings Now that I go to answer your letter I find that I have misplaced it, but I think most of the points are in my ..
[Ltrs: HGL p. 527]
Jean Pierre Caussade, deAbandonment ot Divine Providence Have you ever read Caussades's Abandonment to Divine Providence? At times it is a bit overlogical, but still i..
[Ltrs: HGL p. 532]
HanshanSurangama Sutra (Leng Yen Ching) / Chinese rendering by Master Paramiti of Central North India at Chih Chih Monastery, Canton, China, A. D. 705 ; commentary (abridged) by Ch'an Master Han Shan (1546-1623) ; transl. by Upasaka Lu K'uan Yü (Charles Luk) Have I yet thanked you for the Surangama Sutra? If not, I do now. It is a book of essential importance. Of cou..

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Ltrs: CforT The Courage for Truth: Letters of Thomas Merton to Writers.
Ltrs: Giroux Letters of Robert Giroux and Thomas Merton.
Ltrs: Hammer The Letters of Merton and Victor and Carolyn Hammer.
Ltrs: HGL The Hidden Ground of Love.
Ltrs: Laughlin Thomas Merton and James Laughlin: Selected Letters.
Ltrs: Leclercq Survival or Prophecy? The Letters of Merton and Jean Leclercq.
Ltrs: RtoJ The Road to Joy: Letters to New and Old Friends.
Ltrs: Ruether Letters of Merton and Rosemary Radford Ruether.
Ltrs: SofC The School of Charity. Letters on Religious Renewal.
Ltrs: WtoF Witness to Freedom: The Letters of Merton in Times of Crisis.