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Author QuotedCzeslaw Milosz
Title QuotedPostwar Polish Poetry: An Anthology
Date (Year/Month/Day)1964/12/19
Imprint[S.l.] : [s.n.]. 1965
QuotationJust a word to wish you the blessings of the holy season and to say I have recently written to Anne Freedgood with a statement about the anthology [Postwar Polish Poetry]. I had her send me proofs as I wanted to read it at leisure, and I am more convinced than ever that it is excellent. Your notes are very helpful, and your own poems are by no means the least interesting in the book. I especially like the Ghetto one ["A Poor Christian Looks at the Ghetto"]. The whole book really gives an impression of life and direction. Poland is alive, poetically, and I find that the Polish poets are people with whom I can feel myself in the greatest and most spontaneous sympathy. They speak directly to me, and I respond to them much more than I do to the poets in the U.S., or France, perhaps even England (though I do like some of the young English poets a lot). I respond to these as much as I do to some of the Latin Americans. The very young ones are quite encouraging too. Some of the surrealist stuff is better and more real than anything else that has come out of that trend.
Quotation SourceThe Courage for Truth: Letters of Thomas Merton to Writers.; Selected and edited by Christine M. Bochen. / New York : Farrar Straus Giroux. 1993, p. 83
Letter toCzeslaw Milosz
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