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Author QuotedHanshan
Title QuotedSurangama Sutra (Leng Yen Ching) / Chinese rendering by Master Paramiti of Central North India at Chih Chih Monastery, Canton, China, A. D. 705 ; commentary (abridged) by Ch'an Master Han Shan (1546-1623) ; transl. by Upasaka Lu K'uan Yü (Charles Luk)
Date (Year/Month/Day)1967/08/07
ImprintLondon : Rider. 1966
QuotationHave I yet thanked you for the Surangama Sutra? If not, I do now. It is a book of essential importance. Of course a great deal of it is the product of a certain cultural milieu, but the main idea is of crucial significance: namely, liberation of/from consciousness "¦ Of all religions, Christianity is the one that least needs techniques, or least needs to depend on them. Nor is the overemphasis on sacraments necessary either: the great thing is faith. With a pure faith, our use of techniques, our understanding of the psyche and our use of the sacraments all become really meaningful. Without it, they are just routines.
Quotation SourceThe Hidden Ground of Love: The Letters of Thomas Merton on Religious Experience and Social Concerns.; Selected and edited by William H. Shannon. / New York : Farrar Straus Giroux. 1985, p. 532
Letter toLinda (Parsons) Sabbath
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