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The "Butorovich, Suzanne, 1950-" file

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1967/June/22 (#01)


Type:  TL[c] from Merton to "Butorovich, Suzanne, 1950-"-->

# of pages:  1

Published in:  Road to Joy

First Lines:  "I don't know if your letter was a disaster: but anyway, if it was, it was a nice disaster."

Contents:  Merton's enjoyment of underground movements and publications - sending poem/prose "mosaic" for her newspaper (to later come out in one of his books) - thinks poems sounds like Bob Dylan (likes "Obviously Five Believers") / Merton owns Beatles "Revolver" (likes "Taxman") / the Grateful Dead / LSD / Merton as "hippy monk"

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Date added:  2004

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Butorovich, Suzanne, 1950-:"    1967/June/22 (#01)