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The "Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-1964" file

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Type:  TLS[x] from Merton to "Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-1964"-->

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First Lines:  "First, I remember I have not yet thanked you for the consignment of new copies of the pamphlet"

Contents:  What Is Contemplation? - translation into French by Mme Latinis / the priesthood and ordination / Gethsemani Magnificat, The Waters of Siloe / the Trappist monastary of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity in Huntsville, Utah / using Gethsemani's rare book vault / anthology of Catholic verse - New Directions

Language:  English

Source or donor:  Saint Mary's College

Date received:  2019/11/11

Date added:  2020

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-1964:"    1949/September/03