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First Lines:  "Reverend Father gives me the pleasant charge of answering your letter of the fourth, and of telling"

Contents:  asking for 1,000 additional copies of What Is Contemplation? booklet printing - positive feedback from Jacque Maritain regarding Merton's sections on "The Test" and "Quietism" / Sr. Madeleva's positive review of Merton's poems in The Thomist (January 1949) with noted cricism of Merton from by Fr. John Daniel Fearon, O.P. which criticized Merton's article "Active and Contemplative Orders" from the December 5, 1947 edition of Commonweal - F.-D. Joret, O.P. - see also Fr. Nicholas Halligan. O.P. file

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Unique identifier:  Section A- "Madeleva (Mary Madeleva), Sr., C.S.C., 1887-1964:"    1949/February/15