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The "Bane, Elaine Michael, Sr., O.S.F." file

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1962/July/04 (#01)


Type:  transcript from Merton to "Bane, Elaine Michael, Sr., O.S.F."-->

# of pages:  3

Published in:  School of Charity

First Lines:  "This is not an adequate letter, but I do want to get some kind of reply into the mail for you, as"

Contents:  [Cold War Letter #19] the "retire" / von Hildebrand's Transformation in Christ and Defense of Purity / marriage and celibacy / books on monastic life and solitary life / Bouyer - The Meaning of the Monastic Life and Introduction to Spirituality / Jean Danielou / Gorres - Hidden Face

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Date added:  2004

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Bane, Elaine Michael, Sr., O.S.F.:"    1962/July/04 (#01)