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The "Van Doren, Mark, 1894-1972" file

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Series:  1  Correspondence between Merton and Van Doren

Type:  HLS[x] from Merton to "Van Doren, Mark, 1894-1972"-->

# of pages:  2

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First Lines:  "Letter to My Friends [-] Explaining that I am entering the Trappists, in Kentucky."

Contents:  [dated "St Lucy's Day 1941" - circular letter to friend in poetic form explaining his entry into the Trappists at Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky - contains a separate note for Van Doren at the end of the letter in which he transfers rights to Van Doren for his manuscript of Journal of My Escape from the Nazis]

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Date added:  2004

Unique identifier:  Section A- "Van Doren, Mark, 1894-1972:" Series 1:    1941/December/13