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Merton's Correspondence with:

Geoffrey Hewitt; Geof Hewitt

Hewitt, Geoffrey, 1943-  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1968
Volume: 7 item(s); 8 pg(s)

Scope and Content


Geof Hewitt is a poet who, at the time of correspondence with Merton, was 24 and living in Iowa. Having begun writing as a teen, he had by 1968 founded a small specialty press, Kumquat Press. Merton publishes some of Hewitt's poems in the first issue of Monks Pond. Hewitt would publish another of Monks Pond's poets, Alfred Starr Hamilton. He now resides in Vermont and has published books of his poems and books on writing and teaching poetry. (Source: The Road to Joy, p. 362.)

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See also one published letter from Merton to Hewitt in The Road to Joy, pp. 362-363; and see also contributions to Monks Pond, pp. 81-82.

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#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
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1. 1968/01/04 TLS to Merton A recent letter from Jonathan Williams suggested that I send you some of my work. Enclosed are 2 «detailed view»
2. 1968/01/22 TL[c] from Merton You are very much the kind of poet I look for MONKS POND the first issue of which is now in «detailed view»
3. 1968/01/29 TLS to Merton Here is some new work. Please let me know if the poem for Jonathan Williams is too gamey-type «detailed view»
4. 1968/02/01 (#01) TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the new poems. I'm keeping two for the second or third issue of Monks Pond. «detailed view»
5. 1968/02/01 (#02) TLS[x] from Merton Thanks for the new poems. I'm keeping two for the second or third issue of Monks Pond. [see also the 1970/10/15 letter to John Howard Griffin for provenance of this letter] «detailed view»
6. 1968/02/05 TALS to Merton I'm glad you like and are keeping CONTEMPLATING SAUSAGE and THE POET WHO BECAME «detailed view»
7. 1970/10/15 TLS[x] to Griffin, John Howard Here, at last, is a photocopy of the letter I've written you about. If it is suited to your needs, [regarding sending a photocopy of the 1968/02/01 letter] «detailed view»

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