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Merton's Correspondence with:

Jean Daniélou; Jean Guénolé Louis Marie Daniélou; Jean Cardinal Daniélou; Jean Danielou, Jean,

Daniélou, Jean Guénolé Louis Marie Cardinal, S.J., 1905-1974  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1950-1966
Volume: 22 item(s); 57 pg(s)

Scope and Content


Fr. Jean Daniélou was a Jesuit scholar of early Christianity who was editor of Études in Paris, a Catholic general interest magazine. In 1969, he was made a cardinal by Pope Paul VI and was a member of the Académie Française.

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See also one published letter from Merton to Daniélou in The Hidden Ground of Love, pp. 134-135; and two letters in Witness to Freedom, pp. 209-211 and 219-221.

Series List

This Record Sub-Group is not divided into Series and is arranged chronologically.

Container List

#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
 y/m/dMerton Scan ✉ 
1. 1950/08/01 HLS to Merton Je pense que cela est très important pour les USA, pour [labeled "Conscience Matter"] «detailed view»
2. 1950/10/06? HLS to Merton Merci de [year estimated from context] «detailed view»
3. 1954/01/30 HLS to Merton Je vous remercie de [...] Bread in the Wilderness, dont la dédicace m'a beaucoup triché. «detailed view»
4. 1959/04/23 transcript from Merton May I appeal to your charity in a matter that is for my good and I think for that of the Church? «detailed view»
5. 1959/06/03? HLS to Merton J'ai été profoudement touché a la confiance que me [year estimated from context] «detailed view»
6. 1959/07/no? (#01) TL[x]  from Fox, James / to Gabriel Sortais This enclosure shows that idea has been given up, but the hermitage idea is now Fr. Louis' favorite. [see "Fox, James" Series 29 for source file - extant copy only contains pages 2-8 - see also enclosure, one page of letter from Fox to "Fr. Jean" (Danielou?), 1959/07/00#2] «detailed view»
7. 1959/07/no? (#02) TL[x] from Fox, James This enclosure shows that idea has been given up, but the hermitage idea is now Fr. Louis' favorite. [see "Fox, James" Series 29 for source file - extant copy only contains page 7 - see also letter to Sortais with which this copy was enclosed, 1959/07/00#1] «detailed view»
8. 1959/12/05 TL[c] from Merton I have been hoping that by this time I would have written a letter from Mexico saying that «detailed view»
9. 1960/01/02 TL[c] from Merton Thank you for your very fine and heartwarming letter of December 26th. I was glad to get it «detailed view»
10. 1960/04/04 HLS to Merton Voici bien longtemps que je voulais répondre à votre lettre a Janvier. «detailed view»
11. 1960/04/21 TL[c] from Merton Your letter from Sweden was very welcome and came at an appropriate time as I have a lot of things «detailed view»
12. 1960/12/26 HLS to Merton Je vous envoie «detailed view»
13. 1961/04/02? HLS to Merton ... J'ai été très heureux de ce que vous me dites sur votre "ermitage oecumenique". [year estimated from context] «detailed view»
14. 1962/04/20 HLS to Merton Voici longtemps que je [...] répondre à votre dernière lettre. Mais j'ai eu «detailed view»
15. 1962/12/31 HLS to Merton Je suis humblement en retard pour répondre à vos lettres «detailed view»
16. 1966/07/11 TL[c] from Merton For all I know you may be in the U.S. at the moment, but I will send this to France in the hope «detailed view»
17. 1966/07/25 HLS to Merton J'ai été heureux d'avoir «detailed view»
18. undated/08/01 HLS to Merton Voici enfin un peu [...] après des semaines chaque d'obligations [seems to be missing page or pages] «detailed view»
19. undated/09/11 HLS to Merton Je vous remercié de votre lettre qu'est [likely between the dates of 1948 and 1955 according to the context] «detailed view»
20. undated/no/no other   Danielou, Jean 1905- [biographical information from Contemporary Authors (pgs. 105-107)] «detailed view»
21. undated/no/no other   Danielou, Jean 1905-1974; French theologian, historian, and cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. [biographical info. / found in Contemporary Authors] «detailed view»
22. undated/no/no other   Jean Danielou (1905-1974) Born in Paris, France, May 14, 1905, Jean Danielou has had a remarkable [biographical info. / listing of his literary works that Merton found most helpful] «detailed view»

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