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Merton's Correspondence with:

Herbert Caryl Burke; Herbert C. Burke; Herbert Burke

Burke, Herbert Caryl, 1917-1994  printer


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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1962
Volume: 4 item(s); 6 pg(s)

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Professor Herbert Burke was teaching English at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota.

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See also one published letter from Merton to Burke in Witness to Freedom, p. 96. Christopher Burke (see "Burke, Christopher" file) was his son, and Merton writes a letter to a draft board to justify his conscientious objector status and the pacifistic views of the Burke family.

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1. 1962/11/02 TL[x] to The Editors, AVE MARIA For the past month I have been searching for time and a timely word to thank you for giving us "The Guilt of Hiroshima" by James Douglass and criticism for the Kirby letter of October 27 which criticizes Douglass / lack of moral grounds for using threat of another nuclear attack like Hiroshima as grounds to threaten Communism - mentions great writers opposed to nuclear war, including Merton / situation in Cuba «detailed view»
2. 1962/11/15 TALS to Merton It is quite impossible for me to tell you how much your letter of November 8th meant to me, and Meditation on Father Delp / permission to reprint "Gloss on the Sin of Ixion" in student quarterly - Ixion / Peace in the Post Christian Era / Jim Douglass and Dorothy Day / the Cuban crisis «detailed view»
3. 1962/11/30 TLS to Merton In lieu of thanks for sending Peace in the Post Christian Era, may I send you a poem. poem on peace and war on the campus / on copy of Peace in the Post Christian Era sent by Merton «detailed view»
4. 1962/12/11 TAL[c] from Merton Cold, windy, snowy days, bright ones, are perhaps good for writing letters. At least I am suggests sending poems to J. Laughlin at New Directions or Ramparts / Lapp book Kill and Overkill / new aspect of war that operates without principles, like Zen, but "Zen is sane. But not the Pentagon." / Ixion poem «detailed view»

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