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Merton's Correspondence with:

Robert Bonazzi

Bonazzi, Robert  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1966-1968
Volume: 21 item(s); 23 pg(s)

Scope and Content

Before approaching Merton for submissions to his magazine, Robert Bonazzi had met two of Merton's friends, Mark Van Doren and John Howard Griffin. Griffin gave Bonazzi a poem about Robert Lax that he wanted to publish. The letters primarily concern publication matters. Among what was published were essays, poems, photographs and drawings (referred to as "signatures") by Merton. Also mentioned is the founding of Merton's own "little magazine" Monks Pond.


Robert Bonazzi was founder and editor of Latitudes magazine, which began in 1966.

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See also contributions to Monks Pond, p. 229.

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#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPub ✓Notes
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1. 1966/10/14 TALS to Merton John Griffin wrote me as soon as he got back from the Abbey with you and Jacques Maritain. He said «detailed view»
2. 1966/10/19 TAPCS to Merton Thank you so much for the ok on the poem. I will of course makesome [sic] reference to the personal «detailed view»
3. 1967/01/18 HLS to Merton Congratulations on your fantastic poem, "Fall '66", in NY REVIEW (Dec. 15 issue) -- I am going to «detailed view»
4. 1967/05/13 TL[c] from Merton I have been meaning to write and thank you for the first issue of Latitudes. I liked it, especially «detailed view»
5. 1967/05/22 TALS to Merton First rule of publishing: a Monk should never allow an editor to edit out what might be considered «detailed view»
6. 1967/09/01 TLS to Merton We have decided to make #3 and #4 a DOUBLE ISSUE for many reasons: 1) to balance political material «detailed view»
7. 1967/09/08 TL[c] from Merton Perfectly ok to use the quote from "Letter to Innocent Bystander". And of course to put off "Monk" «detailed view»
8. 1967/09/17 TALS to Merton Have chosen from CABLES what could stand as individual poems. (see carbons from copies of these «detailed view»
9. 1967/09/28 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for your letter and the returned ms. I am chacking [sic] immediately with New «detailed view»
10. 1967/10/03 (#01) TLS[c] from Griffin, John Howard Gregory and I are in a dudgeon over these Merton photos. After we mocked up a first cover. [carbon copy sent to Merton - see 1967/10/03[2] for note to Merton typed on the same page] «detailed view»
11. 1967/10/03 (#02) TN  from Griffin, John Howard / to Merton You will probably have the prints from E&F when you receive this. I enclose a marvelous can [note to Merton typed on the same page as 1967/10/03[1] letter to Robert Bonazzi] «detailed view»
12. 1967/10/03 (#03) TALS to Merton What a very moving collection of signatures. We are mulling over them now but definitely want to «detailed view»
13. 1967/10/08? TALS to Merton Since last writing you we have decided to do a little 20-page quarto to commemorate the 4th [no date - annotated "Oct. 8"] «detailed view»
14. 1967/10/09 TLS to Merton Just returned from Griffin's. The photographs are fantastic! We will just flip them with the «detailed view»
15. 1967/10/10 TL[c] from Merton Thanks for your letter: glad everything is working out. I am happy that you can use the signature «detailed view»
16. 1967/10/15 TLS to Merton Acknowledging your letter which clarified CABLES TO THE [sic] ACE and all news of signatures and «detailed view»
17. 1967/12/06 TLS to Merton John is genuinely frantic about your special issue of Latitudes, concerning copyright. Well I wrote «detailed view»
18. 1967/12/10 TL[c] from Merton I don't see any problems whatever about the copyrights. It seems to me everything is in apple pie «detailed view»
19. 1967/12/26 TLS to Merton Heard the long almighty & beautiful tape at John Griffin's last weekend and he made me a copy, «detailed view»
20. 1968/01/31 TLS to Merton Thank you for your note. What is this about starting a magazine of your own? I suppose you mean on «detailed view»
21. 1968/02/29 TL[c] from Merton Sorry for not letting you know sooner about the poems, pix etc. I don't want to keep a whole batch «detailed view»

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