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Bruyn, Marcella van, Dame, O.S.B.

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1963-1967

Volume: 25 item(s); 47 pg(s)

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Dame Marcella first contacted Merton through the encouragement of Jacques Maritain. Stanbrook Press published poems of Raïssa Maritain as well as some of Merton's works, including his translations of a prayer of Cassiodorus and a letter by Guigo the Carthusian.


Dame Marcella van Bruyn was a Benedictine nun of Stanbrook Abbey in England. Entering the community in her forties, she spent twenty-three years in community before leaving to pursue a life of solitude. (Source: The School of Charity, p. 160.)

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See published letters from Merton to van Bruyn in The School of Charity, pp. 160-161, 182-183, 190-191, 205-206, 249-250, 270-271, 284-285, 298-300, 302, and 311-312.

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SeriesDateTypeTo/FromFirst LinesPubFull TextNotes
 1960/05/31 HLSto MertonThank you for your letter and for the articles - I was most interested, especially in that one   
 1963/02/15 TLSto MertonM. Jacques Maritain has told me that you are translating his wife's poems, and that you know I have   
 1963/02/23 TL[c]from MertonSince Jacques Maritain told me of your project, I have been expecting your letter. Actually I thinkYes  
 1963/07/18 TALSto MertonI am writing by return, because you are anxious about Jacques Maritain, and so hasten to tell you   
 1963/09/08 TALSto MertonThank you very much for all those mimeographed things - I simply cannot tell you how grateful I am   
 1963/10/15 TAL[c]from MertonThe Feast of St Theresa is as good a day as any for a letter to Stanbrook, and I must confessYes  
 1963/11/04 TALSto MertonRaissa's anniversary, and the 8th will be my father's, when I hope you will say a prayer for him -   
 1964/01/02 TAL[c]from MertonI see some time has gone by since your letter of November 4th and we are all now persuaded that weYes  
 1964/01/25 TALSto MertonI have a great deal to thank you for besides your letter - the mimeographed things, and the magazine   
 1964/02/24 (#01)TL[c]from MertonThis is chiefly to wish you many blessings and graces on March 12th and to say how much I likedYes  
 1964/02/24 (#02)TALS[x]from MertonThis is chiefly to wish you many blessings and graces on March 12th and to say how much I likedYes [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Hart Working Files - some pen/pencil marks]
 1964/08/25 TALSto MertonThis was meant to arrive in time for your feast, but even if it took off instantly, by jet plane  [Feast of St. Louis]
 1964/09/14 otherto MertonI thought this would interest you, if you do not already know the book, which is one of the most  [handwritten and signed note from van Bruyn - typed selections from <i>Venture to the Interior</i> by Laurens van der Post]
 1964/10/29 TAL[c]from MertonHow many letters do I owe you? I blush to think of it. Please forgive me. (I have just beenYes  
 1965/02/12 TALSto MertonI did not get round to writing to you for your fiftieth birthday, but I remembered it all right,   
 1965/03/28 TL[c]from MertonMany thanks for your letter. I want to say that I said Mass for you and Stanbrook on the 12thYes  
 1965/06/16 TL[c]from MertonFirst, since you mention the prospectus at the top of your letter, I will say "yes" to the offer nowYes  
 1966/01/25 TALSto MertonI have thought about you a great deal, but refrained from writing until your birthday, as I feel you   
 1966/02/01 TL[c]from MertonCertainly I do not regard monastic letters as a distraction and I was glad to hear from you.Yes  
 1966/04/17 HLS[x]from MertonAt least I have the joy of reading your fine translations of Raissa, and the book itself isYes [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Hart Working Files]
 1966/06/08 TALSto MertonAt the risk of appearing again too soon, I write to know how you are. I was horrified to hear  [sends photo of her in habit standing outside of Stanbrook Abbey]
 1966/08/no? TLS[x]from Merton[..] way. The hunters around here are wild shots. Lightning strikes trees all around the hermitage.Yes [copied from Sub-Section H.7, Hart Working Files]
 1966/09/03 TALSto MertonThank you for welcome and cheering letter, also for interesting autobiographical bit, though how you   
 1967/01/25 TALSto MertonA very happy birthday to you - don't forget it is also my feast, and pray for me too. First of all,   
 undated/no/no other[x] He abideth patiently He forgiveth easily He understandeth mercifully He forgetteth utterly  [Merton provided this text to Stanbrook Abbey Press and cited it was "From a fourteenth century manuscript" / Sr. Margaret Truran of Stanbrook notes, "The text is hand-set by the Stanbrook Abbey Press in Jan van Krimpen’s font 'Romulus Cancelleresca Bastarda', a trademark of the Press. The calligraphic capitals H and E are done by Margaret Adams."]

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