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Wu, John, Jr.

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1967-1968, 1990

Volume: 10 item(s); 18 pg(s)

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John Wu, Jr. is a professor of philosophy and English literature at Chinese Culture University in Taiwan. He is the son of John C. H. Wu.

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See all letters published between John Wu, Jr. and Merton in Merton & the Tao: Dialogues with John Wu and the Ancient Sages, pp. 349-363. See also the "Wu, John C. H." file.

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SeriesDateTypeTo/FromFirst LinesPubFull TextNotes
 1967/05/16 TLSto MertonProf. Robert Pollak has made the statement often that America is like a jazz band, full of uniqueYes  
 1967/06/09 TL[c]from MertonThe letters I really like to answer get pushed aside because I prefer to think a little beforeYes  
 1968/02/13 TLSto MertonThis letter is to inform you that I am still breathing and very much alive, happy and joyous at EastYes  
 1968/02/26 TL[c]from MertonI was happy to receive your letter and to hear you are soon to be married. Also I am glad that youYes  
 1968/06/10 TLSto MertonMuch has transpired since my last letter to you back in winter. I became a citizen of the UnitedYes  
 1968/06/13 transcriptfrom MertonFirst I want to send all congratulations, blessings and love to you and Terry on your wedding day.Yes [copy from published letter]
 1968/07/11 TLSto MertonThere are simply no adequate words for Terry and me to express our profound thankfulness for yourYes  
 1968/07/31 transcriptfrom MertonWell, it really was a pleasure to have you and Terry here. I was happy to meet you both,Yes [copy from published letter]
 1968/08/18 transcriptfrom MertonThe other day the program etc. came in for a meeting I am to attend in Darjeeling (India) in OctoberYes [copy from published letter]
 1990/no/no other[x]to MertonINTERVIEW [-] <u>A Final Harmony</u> by Luciane Yeh [-] John Wu, Jr. is the last of 13 children   

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