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Wilson, Keith, 1927-

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1967-1968

Volume: 4 item(s); 4 pg(s)

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Jonathan Williams suggested Wilson get in touch with Merton to submit poems for Monks Pond. Merton published Wilson, and Wilson, in turn, put a number of other poets in touch with Merton, including Besmilr Brigham, Bobby Byrd, Halvard Johnson, Ron Punnett (Ronald Anthony Punnét), and William Witherup.


Keith Wilson is a poet and professor emeritus and former poet-in-residence from New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. His poetry was influenced by his life in the southwest and its native tribes, and the violence Wilson experienced in his tours of duty in the Navy during the Korean War. He has published a number of collections of poetry. (Source: "Keith Wilson." Contemporary Authors Online. 2002. Literature Resource Center. Thomson Gale. Bellarmine University Lib., Louisville, Kentucky. 13 Sep. 2006 ‹›.)

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See also contributions to Monks Pond, Volumes 1 and 4.

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SeriesDateTypeTo/FromFirst LinesPubFull TextNotes
 1967/12/19 TALSto MertonJonathan Williams wrote me, suggesting that I send you some work to look over for your new 4-issue   
 1967/no/no? other[x]to Mertonfor Thomas Merton - with best wishes, always Keith  [inscribed to Thomas Merton by Keith Wilson in his book <i>The Old Car and Other Black Poems</i> - see "Family Room - Marginalia" for original]
 1968/01/08 TL[c]from MertonIt's easy editing a magazine with someone like Jonathan to help. I'm very grateful for the poems   
 1968/03/no? HPCSto MertonJust a note to tell you how really fine I thought <u>Monks Pond</u> #1. Really dug the whole effort   

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