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Elected Silence

File#TitleFirst LineRev.AuthorCitationYear
01 An American autobiography describing a personal religious conversion is having the successPritchett, V.S. New Statesman and Nation (13 August 1949): 174, 176.
02A Study in RedemptionThomas Merton is an American Trappist monk, and Elected Silence is the English edition of his autobiography.Evans, Illtud OP Tablet [London] (6 August 1949): 8.
03Elected Speech: Thomas Merton and the American ConscienceSixteen years have passed since Elected Silence cast its sudden light on the drab landscapeEvans, Illtud OP Tablet [London] (12 November 1966): 9.
04One Man's PilgrimageMr. Evelyn Waugh tells us in a prefatory  Times Literary Supplement [London] (29 July 1949): 491.
05 The Catholic reader will take up this volume, the autobiographyWalker, Bruno, OCR. Life of the Spirit 4.40 (October 1949): 183-185.
06Autobiography of a TrappistOwen Merton, the father of the author of this unusual autobiography,Hudson, Derek The Spectator 6318 (July 29, 1949): 148.
JOURNALA Hideous Book (But Very Good)There come frightful moments to everybody, when no human being canBetjeman, John The Merton Journal 23.2 (Advent 2016): 30-31. Originally publised in The Daily Herald. (27th July 1949).