The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Seasonal - Volume 47

The Spring 2022 issue, Vol. 47, No.1 included:

  • Kolp, Alan. “A Transforming Moment: The Pivotal Visions of Thomas Merton and Ilia Delio.” 3-11.
  • Young, Stephan. "Seven Haiku." [poem] 12-13.
  • Spencer, Thomas. “‘They Were Mine and I Theirs’: The Shared Vision of Humanity of Thomas Merton and Richard Wright.” 14-18.
  • Lopez, Kay. “The Work of the Cell.” [poem] 19.
  • Dart, Ron. “Reading the Psalms: Thomas Merton, C. S. Lewis and Bede Griffiths.” 20-26.

The Summer 2022 issue, Vol. 47, No.2 included:

  • O'Connell, Patrick F. “An Introductory Note.” 3-5.
  • Forest, James H. “A Pilgrimage of Illness.” 6-11.
  • Hassler-Forest, Daniel. “Jim Forest: A Son's Reflection.” 12-13.
  • Forest, James H. “Saying No to Caesar.” 14-21.
  • Oyer, Gordon. “Remembering Jim Forest, Friend of Merton.” 22-28.
  • Plekon, Michael. “Jim Forest: Peacemaker and Witness.” 29-32.
  • Baxter, Michael. “What Jim Had to Offer Us.” 33-37.
  • “Jim Forest: A Bibliography.” 38-39.
  • “Jim Forest on Thomas Merton: A Chronological List of Publications.” 40-44.

The Fall 2022 issue, Vol. 47, No.3 included:

  • Meegan, William J. “The Maternal Ancestors of Thomas Merton.” 3-12.
  • Davis, Ed. “Three Poems.” [poem] 13-15.
  • McCaslin, Susan. “The Monk and the Feminist: A Reflection on the Merton-Reuther Correspondence." 16-25.
  • Padhi, Bibhu. “Two Poems." [poem] 26-28.
  • Tarr, Kathleen. “The Necessity of Pilgrimage." 29-34.

The Winter 2022 issue, Vol. 47, No.4 included:

  • Ledbetter, J.T. "Glory Be to God for Dappled Things." [poem] 15-16.
  • Oyer, Gordon. "Hiking the Hallowed Ground of Herman the Hermit." 17-26.
  • Mahon, Christopher. "East Meets West." [poem] 27-28.

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