The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Seasonal - Volume 40

The Spring 2015 issue, Vol. 40, No.1 included:

  • Adolfsson, Lars. "Silence, Holiness, Sanctity." 3-5.
  • Apel, William. "Merton’s Search for God." 5-6.
  • Belcastro, David Joseph. "The Trickster-Monk’s New Creation." 6-7.
  • Beltrán Llavador, Fernando. "Thomas Merton: Longing Yet Belonging – Belonging Yet Longing." 7-8.
  • Burton, Patricia A. "The Bibliographer’s Tale." 8-10.
  • Cannon, Nass. "A Path to Peace – Thomas Merton, Final Integration and Us." 10-11.
  • Collins, John P. "The Humanism of Pope John XXIII, Thomas Merton and J. F. Powers." 12-14.
  • Dart, Ron. "Thomas Merton: Hedgehog and Fox." 14-16.
  • Dekar, Paul R. "Silence as Attention and Antidote." 16-18.
  • Del Prete, Thomas. "Making the World New from Our 'Older Unity'." 19-20.
  • Gardner, Fiona. "'I Have Become an Explorer for You'." 20-21.
  • Grip, Robert. "Soul Brothers." 21-23.
  • Gustafson, Hans. "Why Merton Matters to This Non-Catholic." 23-24.
  • Hall, Gary. "A Seer Interprets the Ministry of the Stars." 24-26.
  • Kiernan, Jeffrey T. "The Next Generation." 26.
  • Kolp, Alan. "Personal Kaleidoscopic Spirituality." 27-28.
  • Kwon, Hyeokil. "Reconnection and Reformation: A Korean Protestant Perspective on the Monastic Wisdom of Thomas Merton." 29-30.
  • Ledbetter, J.T. "Merton as Mirror." 30-32.
  • McCaslin, Susan. "Slow, Deepen, Shine: Why Merton Still Matters." 32-34.
  • McDonnell, Chris. "Opening Doors, Opening Minds." 35-36.
  • McMillan, Allan M. "The Equipment of an Artist." 37.
  • Montaldo, Jonathan. "A Compassionate Transparency." 38.
  • O'Brien, David. "Thomas Merton and Catholic Americanism." 39-42.
  • O'Hare, Padraic. "Merton and Young Adults in the Wilderness." 42-44.
  • Paguio, Erlinda G. "Knowing God from Experience: Thomas Merton and the Book of Job." 45-46.
  • Phillips, Dan Kenneth. "Awakening and Propelling." 47-48.
  • Plekon, Michael. "Mercy within Mercy." 49.
  • Porter, J. S. "Beginning at the End." 51-52.
  • Pramuk, Christopher. "Where the Gospel Requires Us to Be." 52-53.
  • Ryan, Gregory J. "Thomas Merton, Prayer and Us." 53-55.
  • St. John, Donald P. "Merton as Radical Ecologist: Principles for Judging Human Action." 55-56.
  • Scruggs, Ryan. "Spiritual Theology." 57-59.
  • Serrán-Pagán y Fuentes, Cristóbal. "Final Integration in Thomas Merton: The Art of Finding the Middle Way." 59-60.
  • Smock, Frederick. "Chanting the Square Demonic." 60-61.
  • Spencer, Thomas. "Merton’s Call to Activism – 2015." 61-63.
  • Stull, Bradford T. "Avatars of the Absurd: Thomas Merton, Dorothy Day and Nonviolence." 63-64.
  • Sunderman, Marilyn, RSM. "Merton the Educator." 65.
  • Szabo, Lynn R. "Why Thomas Merton Still Matters: Thoughts on a Man for All Times." 66-67.
  • Thurston, Bonnie B. "Icon and/or Metaphor." 67-69.
  • Weis, Monica, SSJ. "We Always Need a Prophet." 69-71.

The Summer 2015 issue, Vol. 40, No.2 included:

  • Merton, Thomas. "In the Wilderness." 3-7.
  • Hannan, Maryanne. "Trappist Monk (1915-1968)." [poem] 8.
  • McGilchrist, Megan Riley. "Landscapes of Disaster: Cormac McCarthy and Thomas Merton on Lost Brothers." 9-15.
  • McDonnell, Chris. "Polonnaruwa." [poem] 16.
  • Plekon, Michael. "Two Monks: Thomas of Gethsemani and Seraphim of Sarov." 17-24.
  • Pearson, Paul M. Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton. 40-55.

The Fall 2015 issue, Vol. 40, No.3 included:

  • Cox, Randy. "Merton's Place." [poem] 9.
  • Dart, Ron. "Merton on the West Coast: New Camaldoli and Redwoods." 10-18.
  • Garrigan, Gerard, OSB. "You Never Really Settled Down." [poem] 19.
  • Mahon, J. Patrick. "Seeing Merton in the Wild Goose." 20-24.
  • Pearson, Paul M. Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton. 44-55.

The Winter 2015 issue, Vol. 40, No.4 included:

  • Merton, Thomas. "The Camaldolese Way." 3-16.
  • Lydon-Rochelle, Mona T. "In the Midst of Water, 1974." [poem] 17-18.
  • Hinson, E. Glenn. "Lessons from the School of Love: Thomas Merton - A Centennial Tribute." 19-31.
  • Milford, Judith Gill. "Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned." [poem] 32-33.
  • Georgiou, S.T. "All Rings, One Ring: Robert Lax - A Centennial Tribute." 34-37.
  • Pearson, Paul M. Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton. 56-63.

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