The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Seasonal - Volume 31

The Spring 2006 issue, Vol. 31, No.1 included:

  • Burton, Patricia A. "Merton's Books." [poem] 5-6.
  • Webster, Ronald. "Impact Roundtable." [poem] 22.
  • Griffith, Sidney H. "Islam From Inside and Out: A Quartet of Diverse Voices." Rev. of Listening to Islam with Thomas Merton, Sayyid Qutb, Kenneth Cragg and Ziauddin Sardar: Praise, Reason and Reflection by John Watson. 31-32.
  • Chew, Jacqueline. "Memoir of a Remarkable Collaboration." Rev. of A Journey with John Jacob Niles: A Memoir of My Years With Johnnie by Jacqueline Roberts and Kerstin Warner. 33-35.

The Summer 2006 issue, Vol. 31, No.2 included:

  • Beardsley, Doug. "How I Became Thomas Merton." [poem] 22.
  • Belcastro, David Joseph. "Canaries in the Mineshaft." Rev. of Thomas Merton and the Beats of the Northern Cascades by Ron Dart. 35-36.

The Fall 2006 issue, Vol. 31, No.3 included:

  • Basilico, Robert Francis. "Nothing." [Poem] 9.
  • Brennan, Michael. "Merton as Contemplative Catalyst." Rev. of Bridges to Contemplative Living with Thomas Merton, - "Booklet 1: Entering the School of Your Experience" and "Booklet 2: Becoming Who You Already Are" edited by Jonathan Montaldo and Robert G. Toth. 27-29.

The Winter 2006 issue, Vol. 31, No.4 included:

  • Bly, William J. "The Hermitage." [Poem] 8.
  • DeLaney, Steven. "First Reflection." [Poem] 14-15.
  • Pearson, Paul M. Recent Publications By and About Thomas Merton. 35-39.

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