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The Merton Seasonal - Volume 28

The Spring 2003 issue, Vol. 28, No.1 included:

  • Merton, Thomas. "Two Unpublished Poems." 9-10.
  • Morais, Dawn. "Tyrannosaurus Rex." 17.
  • Matthews, Gray. "The Coherence of Epiphanies." Rev. of Seeds selected and edited by Robert Inchausti. 24-25.
  • Shannon, William H. "Commendably Comprehensive Compilation." Rev. of "About Merton" Secondary Sources 1945-2000: A Bibliographic Workbook compiled by Marquita E. Breit, Patricia A. Burton and Paul M Pearson. 26-27.
  • Cunningham, Lawrence S. "Gadfly and Good Friend." Rev. of Ferrytale: The Career of W.H. 'Ping' Ferry by James A. Ward. 28-29.

The Summer 2003 issue, Vol. 28, No.2 included:

  • Simsic, Wayne. "Attending Nature's Festival." Rev. of When the Trees Say Nothing: Writings on Nature edited by Kathleen Deignan. 33-34.
  • Ryan, Gregory J. "Bound By Every Affection. (In Memory of Bob Daggy.)" Rev. of The Vision of Thomas Merton edited by Patrick F. O'Connell. 35-37.
  • Montaldo, Jonathan. "Beauty and Humanity at Gethsemani." Rev. of Gethsemani and Time in the Garden: Life at the Abbey of Gethsemani filmed and edited by Morgan Atkinson. 38-40.

The Fall 2003 issue, Vol. 28, No.3 included:

  • Barron, Robert. "A Unique Experience." Rev. of The Inner Experience: Notes on Contemplation by Thomas Merton, edited by William H. Shannon. 25-27.
  • Raboteau, Albert J. "Transcending Divided Worlds." Rev. of Merton and Hesychasm: The Prayer of the Heart edited by Bernadette Dieker and Jonathan Montaldo. 28-30.
  • McCaslin, Susan. "Sonnets to a Silent Interlocutor." Rev. of Red as a Lotus: Letters to a Dead Trappist by Lisa Gill. 31-33.

The Winter 2003 issue, Vol. 28, No.4 included:

  • McDonnell, Chris. "Advent Fire." [poem] 14.
  • Bochen, Christine M. "A Happy Anniversary." Rev. of Merton's Palace of Nowhere: - Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Edition, by James Finley. 20-22.
  • Stull, Bradford T. "Group Portrait of Four Unique Pilgrims." Rev. of The Life You Save May Be Your Own: An American Pilgrimage by Paul Elie. 23-24.
  • Grayston, Donald. "Thomas Merton: Spiritual Fake?" Rev. of The Death of Thomas Merton: A Novel by Paul Hourihan. 25-26.

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