The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Seasonal - Volume 17

The Winter 1992 issue, Vol. 17, No.1 included:

  • "Two Poems Occasioned by ITMS General Meetings." 20-21.
  • Kiernan, Jeffrey T. "Twin." [poem] 20.
  • Pearson, Pauline. "The Cult of Thomas Merton." [poem] 21.
  • Tuoti, Frank X. "Merton for Beginners." Rev. of Living with Wisdom: A Life of Thomas Merton by Jim Forest. 22-23.
  • Tobin, Mary Luke, SL. "Awareness for Searchers." Rev. of Silence on Fire: The Prayer of Awareness" by William H. Shannon. 24-25.

The Spring 1992 issue, Vol. 17, No.2 included:

  • "Two Poems Prompted by Merton's Writings." 16-17.
  • Webster, Ronald. "The Swimming Teacher." [poem] 16.
  • McDonnell, Chris. "Night." [poem] 17.
  • Simmons, Carl. "Two Vocations." Rev. of Thomas Merton as Writer and Monk: A Cultural Study, 1915-1951 by Peter Kountz. 18-19.
  • Seitz, Ron. "Three Poems." [poem] 20-21.
  • Kocka, David. "Poetic Anguish." Rev. of The Mechanic of Tears by Ron Seitz. 22-28.

The Summer 1992 issue, Vol. 17, No.3 included:

  • Del Prete, Thomas. "To Merton and Chuang Tzu." [poem] 7.
  • "Lighting the Way." Rev. of Silent Lamp: The Thomas Merton Story by William H. Shannon. 8-10.
  • Montaldo, Jonathan. "Reflecting the Light." Rev. of Silent Lamp: The Thomas Merton Story by William H. Shannon. 10-14.
  • Loydell, Rupert M. "Withdrawl (for Thomas Merton)." [poem] 15.
  • Weber, Richard (Columban), OCSO. "The Springs of Contemplation." Rev. of Springs of Contemplation: A Retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani edited by Jane Marie Richardson, SL. 23-24.

The Fall 1992 issue, Vol. 17, No.4 included:

  • Mayer, Elsie F. "Haiku From Gethsemani Abbey." [poem] 9.
  • Gordy, Rose. "Two Haiku for Louie." [poem] 12.
  • Ledbetter, J.T. "Seasons (For Gethsemani)." [poem] 20-21.
  • Shannon, William H. "A Valuable Book." Rev. of Thomas Merton: Spiritual Master - The Essential Writings edited by Lawrence S. Cunningham. 22-24.
  • Machar, Jerome, OCSO. "A Revised Journey." Rev. of The Monastic Journey edited by Patrick Hart, OCSO. 24-25.
  • Voiles, Kenneth M. "Prelude of Mysticism." Rev. of Merton: Mystic at the Center of America by Thomas M. King, SJ. 25-28.

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