The Thomas Merton Center at Bellarmine University

The Merton Seasonal - Volume 14

The Winter 1989 issue, Vol. 14, No.1 included:

  • Porter, J. S. "Two Poems." [poem] 15.
  • Quenon, Paul, OCSO. "No Need for Verbs." Rev. of Monks Pond, Old Hermit, Hai!: A Haiku Homage to Thomas Merton by Ron Seitz. 18-19.
  • Lee, Cyrus. "'I Speak as Your Own Self'." Rev. of Chi Chung Shan: Mu-Duen Tze Chuan by Thomas Merton. 20-21.

The Spring 1989 issue, Vol. 14, No.2 included:

  • Ray, Ronald D. "Narrow Way: A Poem." [poem] 14-15.
  • Cunningham, Lawrence S. "Merton Reflects." Rev. of "Honorable Reader:" Reflections on My Work edited by Robert E. Daggy. 16-17.
  • English, John C. "Three Plays." Rev. of Conscience and Conflict: A Trilogy of One-Act Plays: Thomas Merton, Pope John XXIII, Martin Luther by Anthony T. Padovano. 18-19.
  • Shannon, William H. "No Thomas Merton." Rev. of Up and Down Merton's Mountain: A Contemporary Spiritual Journey by Gerald Groves. 20-22.
  • "Victor Kramer Replies to Michael Higgins's Review of Thomas Merton: Monk and Artist." 27.

The Summer 1989 issue, Vol. 14, No.3 included:

  • "Two Homilies from the ITMS General Meeting." 8-12.
  • Batholomew, Martha. "Seeds for Generation." [poem] 13.
  • Patterson, Jodi, OCD. "'I Am Here in Answer to Someone's Prayer'." Rev. of Thomas Merton in Alaska: Prelude to the Asian Journal; The Alaskan Conferences, Journals and Letters by Thomas Merton. 18-20.
  • Pearson, Paul M. "From a Brother of Another Communion." Rev. of Soul Friends: A Journey with Thomas Merton by Brother Ramon, SSF. 20-21.
  • O'Connell, Patrick F. "A Caravan for Merton." Rev. of The Thomas Merton Poems: A Caravan of Poems by J. S. Porter. 22-25.
  • Biddle, Arthur W. "Hours: Gethsemani (for Robert Lax)." [poem] 25.

The Fall 1989 issue, Vol. 14, No.4 included:

  • "Images of Friendship: A Photo Essay." 6-7.
  • "The Road to Joy: A Review Symposium." 8-19.
  • Casey, Michael, OCSO. "Fresh and Readable Letters." 8-9.
  • Grip, Robert. "Different People, Different Levels." 10-12.
  • Richardson, Jane Marie, SL. "Sturdy Shelter." 12-15.
  • Van Waes, Bernard. "Mailbox Number 5 ." 15-19.
  • "Three Poems by Younger Merton Readers." 21-23.
  • Hessel, Paige E M. "Twenty-One Years Too Late." [poem] 21.
  • Voiles, Kenneth M. "In the Silence" and "The Monk's Way." [poem] 22-23.
  • Biddle, Arthur W. "New and Old Friendships." Rev. of Monk's Pond: Thomas Merton's 'Little Magazine' by Thomas Merton, edited with an introduction by Robert E. Daggy, afterword by Patrick Hart. 24-26.
  • Irish, Marc. "For Merton." [poem] 26.
  • Ruttle, Paul, CP. "A Scholarly 'Good Read'." Rev. of Thomas Merton's Art of Denial: The Evolution of a Radical Humanist by David D. Cooper. 27-29.
  • "J. S. Porter replies to Patrick F. O'Connell's Review of The Thomas Merton Poems." 29.

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