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The Merton Seasonal - Volume 12

The Winter 1987 issue, Vol. 12, No.1 included:

  • Magner, James Edmund, Jr. "Spring of the Night (To Thomas Merton, Father Louis OCSO)." [poem] 17.
  • Hart, Patrick, OCSO. "Thomas Merton as a Paradigm of Christian Conversion." Rev. of Christian Conversion: A Developmental Interpretation of Autonomy and Surrender by Walter E. Conn. 18-19.

The Spring 1987 issue, Vol. 12, No.2 included:

  • Plank, Karl A. "Anamnesis." Rev. of Thomas Merton: First and Last Memories by Patrick Hart, OCSO. 2-3.
  • Fullerton, Timothy. "Easter at Gethsemani." [poem] 12.
  • Finley, Mitch. "Once My Merry Friend." Rev. of The Selected Letters of Mark Van Doren edited by George Hendrick. 16-19.
  • Ryan, Gregory J. "Writing in the Spirit of Merton." Rev. of Moving in the Spirit: Becoming a Contemplative in Action by Richard J. Hauser, SJ. 20-21.

The Summer 1987 issue, Vol. 12, No.3 included:

  • Seitz, Ron. "Two Poems from Death Eat." [poem] 13-16.
  • Driskell, Leon V. "Momentary Stays." Rev. of Death Eat by Ron Seitz. 17-19.
  • Quenon, Paul, OCSO. "Contemporary Hagiography." Rev. of Thomas Merton, Brother Monk: The Quest for True Freedom by M. Basil Pennington. 20-21.

The Fall 1987 issue, Vol. 12, No.4 included:

  • Pounder, Joe. "Journey Notes: Poems." [poem] 14-15.

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