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Index of Thomas Merton's Working Notebooks and Reading Notebooks

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Hasidism 56 no date Partly Trans.
Hebrew 24 1967
Hermits 53 no date
Hermits 54 no date
Hermits, Celtic 14 1964
Hermits, Prayer of 24 1966-67
Hernandez, M. 25 1966-67 Transcribed
Heroism, Spartan Ideal of 13 1960-61 Transcribed
Heschel, Abraham 52 1962? Transcribed
Hesychasm (2x) 32 1967-68
Honoratus, St. 57 no date
Horgh ? 34 1968
Huineng, 638-713 52 1962? Transcribed
Humiliated Christ in Russian Thought 50 no date Transcribed

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