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Series 1: Abe, Masao. "A Symposium on Christianity and Buddhism continued with Professor Abe's Reply,". Japanese Religions., No. 2 (1966), (Kyoto, Japan) Vol 4.

Box# - Folder#:  1 - 1

Item#:  2

Creator:  Abe, Masao, 1915-2006

Date or Range:   no-day March 1966

First Lines:  ABE Masao: Answer to Comment and Criticism [-] It has been a great pleasure and a surprise, accompanied by gratitude, to have heard so many sincere

Sub-Type:  Periodical


Copy Type:  Printed material

Number of pages:  32

Language:  English

Notes:  A Symposium on Christianity and Buddhism continued. Professor Abe's reply to the debate. Contains handwritten annotations but not in Merton's hand.