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Series 45: Latitudes (Houston, Texas)., (Summer, 1967) Vol. 1, No . 2.

Box# - Folder#:  2 - 45

Item#:  1


Date or Range:   no-day no-month no-year

First Lines:  Penn Jones has been fighting City Hall all his life without winning very often.

Sub-Type:  Periodical


Copy Type:  Printed material

Number of pages:  46

Language:  English

Notes:  Noted that "Old issue used for dummy mock up." There is a photo signed by Thomas Merton on the cover (one copy on mock-up, loose photo transferred to Merton's photographs without negative, nn-0431). Articles by: Penn Hones, Robert Bonazzi, Lionel Garcia, G.R. Morgan, E. Polline, F. Alexander, S .A. Boyd, G. Gilsdorf, R. Bly, G. Garrett, T. Thompson, E. Glen, J.H. Bowden, J. White, R. Sauls, E. Brooks, L. Ginsberg, J. Rubicon, R. Meredith.