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Miscellaneous Merton Center Collections

Sub-Section H.13: Marie Charron Papers

This Sub-Section includes papers collected by Marie Charron, a typist for Thomas Merton from 1967-1968. The donation included mimeographs and carbons of Merton's articles, book reviews and poetry; correspondence between Merton and Charron, and between Tommie O'Callaghan regarding the Merton Legacy Trust (after Merton's death); newspaper clippings regarding Merton, the Merton Center, and Merton biographer John Howard Griffin; and various brochures and event bulletins regarding programs regarding Merton and the Merton Center. The date range of the materials is from 1967 to 1977.

All items donated by David Charron, March 2008. Box list of donated items filed at the end of the box of materials.

This Sub-Section is divided into records series by type of material.

1 Mimeographs and Carbons of Articles, Book Reviews and Poems by Thomas Merton
2 Correspondence between Thomas Merton and Marie Charron
3 Published work by Thomas Merton
4 Miscellaneous: funeral homilies, invitation and personal schedule
5 Merton event bulletins
6 Niles-Merton Songs
7 Newspaper clippings about Thomas Merton, the Merton Center and Bellarmine College
8 Newspaper clippings about John Howard Griffin
9 Merton Legacy Trust Correspondence
10 Correspondence between Tommie O'Callaghan and Others Regarding Merton Legacy Trust Matters
11 Miscellaneous items