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Type:  TLS to Merton from "Brandt, Charles, Br., O.C.S.O."-->

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First Lines:  "Perhaps you will remember me. Back in Easter, '56, when Fr. Hilary was guestmaster, I spent about 8"

Contents:  advise on contemplative vocation / background of meeting Merton before entering, and when thinking about, Trappist vocation / life first with the Anglican Benedictines / desire to join Camaldolese - need for greater solitude in nature (Thoreau a childhood hero) / time with Fr. Minard in South Carolina / Dom Winandy / authenticity of Merton's vocation to the solitary life and recommendations to others - stay with Trappists or look elsewhere? / Merton's article on the eremitical life

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Unique identifier:  Section A- "Brandt, Charles, Br., O.C.S.O.:"    1964/September/14