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Merton's Correspondence with:

John Howard Griffin; John H. Griffin; Griffin, John H.; John Griffin

Griffin, John Howard, 1920-1980  printer


Descriptive Summary

Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
Dates of materials: 1962-1971
Volume: 167 item(s); 201 pg(s)

Scope and Content

John Howard Griffin and Merton discuss issues such as civil rights, developments in the Catholic Church, politics, shared friendship with Jacques Maritain, and a shared love of photography. The file contains carbon copies of Merton's letters to Griffin and original letters from Griffin to Merton. There is also an original photograph by Griffin of the mother of Clyde Kennard, and there are photocopies of photographs by Griffin and by Merton.


John Howard Griffin was a journalist and author of a book that Merton read and found inspirational, Black Like Me, in which Griffin took medication to darken his skin and traveled throughout the racially segregated south of the late 1950's. Griffin first came to Gethsemani and met Merton in the early 1960's. Thereafter, he often visited and struck up a correspondence with Merton. He was also friends with Jacques Maritain who met with him and Merton in October of 1966 at Gethsemani. Griffin helped foster a love of photography in Merton and provided cameras, film and developing for him. Griffin was appointed Merton's official biographer, but was unable to finish his planned biography due to health troubles. Despite this, he produced a book on Merton's photography called A Hidden Wholeness: The Visual World of Thomas Merton. Two books using materials collected while working on Merton's biography were published after Griffin's death, The Hermitage Journal: A Diary Kept While Working on the Biography of Thomas Merton and Follow the Ecstasy: Thomas Merton, the Hermitage Years 1965-1968. All letters are written from Griffin's home in Texas, unless otherwise stated. He was in Mansfield, Texas, until midway through 1966, then in Fort Worth.

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Note: records marked as "Gethsemani Tadié Files" are in the "Tadié, Marie" file in the correspondence in the regular sequence of chronology.

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See also published letters from Merton to Griffin in The Road to Joy, pp. 131-141; and see also the "Collins, Angela of the Eucharist, Mother," "Landry, Lionel", "Maritain, Jacques" and "Tadié, Marie" files.

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#DateFrom/ToFirst LinesPubNotes
1. 1962/01/04 TLS[x] to Merton Thank you so much for your letter which I answer immediatel[y.] Yes, Raissa's Journal - «detailed view»
2. 1962/12/12 TALS to Merton This will have to be sketchy, but there are a number of things to tell you. First, I want to thank «detailed view»
3. 1962/12/25? HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Bení soit votre chère et lumineuse famille, my Dearest John! [dated "Noël 1962 - letter to Griffin with a message for Merton] «detailed view»
4. 1962/12/29 TLS[x] to Merton Our mutual friend, Jacques Maritain, to conserve energy and postage asks me to deliver many messages «detailed view»
5. 1962/12/31 TLS[x] from Merton This letter may or may not be completely intelligible as I have a nasty virus infection and can «detailed view»
6. 1963/03/10 TLS[x] to Merton A note in haste. I had to fly back here because of my daughter's illness. She is much better now. «detailed view»
7. 1963/03/22 TLS[x] from Merton Thanks for the card and the previous letter. I am glad to hear the photos turned out nicely. «detailed view»
8. 1963/04/03 TLS[x] from Merton The pictures arrived and they are magnificent. I do not speak of the subject, which is mediocre, «detailed view»
9. 1963/04/15 TLS[x] to Merton Another brief note. I am wondering if your letter - the request for photos parallels Father Abbot's «detailed view»
10. 1963/05/09 (#01) TLS to Merton A brief note to tell you that I have finally found a moment to print up the pix. They are drying «detailed view»
11. 1963/05/09 (#02) other   Clyde Kennard's mother [5"x7" b/w photo Griffin took of the mother of Clyde Kennard - Clyde was an African-American who tried to enroll in the all-white Mississippi Southern College but was unfairly framed by the state's Sovereignty Commission and sentenced to 7 years - after release in 1963, cancer left untreated in prison killed him] «detailed view»
12. 1963/05/15 (#01) TLS[x] from Merton First I want to thank you for all the pictures. For all the ones you sent to the people everywhere «detailed view»
13. 1963/05/15 (#02) other[x] by Merton And the children of Birmingham Walked into the story Of Grandma's teeth ("Better to love you with") [Merton sends Griffin a hand corrected manuscript of Merton's poem "And the Children of Birmingham"] «detailed view»
14. 1963/05/31 TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter of May 28, and the most moving poem about the children of Birmingham. «detailed view»
15. 1963/06/10 TL[x] to Merton P.D. East has just sent me a copy of his note to you, and it occurs to me that you may not remember «detailed view»
16. 1963/07/12 TLS[x] from Merton Thanks for letting me know about Clyde. I offered Mass for him this morning. I am sure that his life «detailed view»
17. 1963/07/15 TLS[x] to Merton In great haste. Thank you for your letter. Yes, you know now that three of the photos of you have «detailed view»
18. 1963/07/20 TLS[x] to Merton Thank you for these mailings, particularly your own pieces, which mean a great deal more to me than «detailed view»
19. 1963/08/07 TLS[x] to Merton I talked with Ed Keating on the phone today, and he was raving about what he called your spectacular «detailed view»
20. 1963/08/18 TLS[x] from Merton This piece by Illtud Evans seemed to me to be excellent. I am glad he is going to be in this issue «detailed view»
21. 1963/08/30 TLS[x] to Merton Am just in this afternoon from a lengthy trip. God love you for that letter and the paragraph «detailed view»
22. 1963/09/15 TLS to Merton I have just returned from a few days in Mississippi and Northern Louisiana. Brought P.D. out with «detailed view»
23. 1963/09/19 HLS[x] from Merton I heard the awful news from Birmingham while I was in a hospital with a cervical disk, which I hoped «detailed view»
24. 1963/10/29 (#01) TAL[c] from Merton Ramparts reached me today. It is really powerful. The combination worked out very well. «detailed view»
25. 1963/10/29 (#02) TLS[x] to Merton I leave later in the day for more lectures, but I could not get away without thanking you for your «detailed view»
26. 1964/02/02 HLS to Merton In haste. Just came in from Chicago where I was with Dick Gregory who dashed into Miss. tonight «detailed view»
27. 1964/02/07? HNS[x] from Merton Good thing you did not come in January because we were on retreat and I would not have been able [no year given, but seems to be 1964 from context, see "Kreyche, Robert J." file] «detailed view»
28. 1964/09/04? HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Je reçois ce matin votre lettre du 1er septembre. [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
29. 1964/12/04 TL[c] from Merton It was good to hear from you again and above all thanks for the fantastic picture of Maritain. «detailed view»
30. 1964/12/21 TLS to Merton I finally got to make the prints you wanted, and this note is to tell you that I will make up «detailed view»
31. 1965/01/27 HLS to Merton Wonderful to see you. Forgot to mention that Bob Hoyt, Editor, National Catholic Reporter, [Griffin writes from the Riverside Motor Inn, Lansing, Michigan] «detailed view»
32. 1965/02/03 HNS[x] from Merton I thought I had sent you a card about this - may be something happened to it. TM. [date from postmark] «detailed view»
33. 1965/02/22 TLS to Merton I have just read your piece in Blackfriars and wanted to tell you how splendid I thought it «detailed view»
34. 1965/02/26 HLS[x] from Merton Thanks for your note - sorry to hear you had to go to hospital but I hope you get a good rest «detailed view»
35. 1965/03/30 TAL[c] from Merton Good to get your letter and to hear that you are more or less resting. This is just to say you are «detailed view»
36. 1965/04/21 HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Enfin des marvelles de vous, mon très cher John! Merci de m'avoir écrit. [reference to Merton (Maritain heard that Merton was sick)] «detailed view»
37. 1965/04/28? HNS[x] from Merton I asked the Sister at St Louis to send you the drawing Dancer II, and I hope you will like it. [note not dated but likely referring to letter Merton sent above date to Sr. Gabriel Mary Hoare, S.L., of Webster College, St. Louis, Missouri] «detailed view»
38. 1965/05/04 TLS to Merton Thank you for your note. Am delighted about the drawing and look forward eagerly to receiving it. «detailed view»
39. 1965/06/30 TLS to Merton A brief note this late night of the eve of another surgery to get your reaction to a project. «detailed view»
40. 1965/07/11 TAL[c] from Merton I am delighted to hear that you are getting out a Reader. Splendid. Above all I am glad that some «detailed view»
41. 1965/07/21 TLS to Merton Thank you for the permission to use the portrait and for the note. I was particularly taken with «detailed view»
42. 1966/02/11 HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Votre chère et admirable lettre du 1er février m'a touché au fond du coeur. [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
43. 1966/03/22 HLS[x] from Merton Will pray for le 4e enfant! It is now my turn for the hospital. Back operation «detailed view»
44. 1966/04/08 HLS[x] from Merton Father Abbot has given permission for you and Jacques to visit Gethsemani and I certainly look «detailed view»
45. 1966/05/27 TAL[c] from Merton I have been wondering what became of you. Glad to get your much delayed letter of May 19th which «detailed view»
46. 1966/08/03 TLS to Merton What great and beautiful pages I read in Life from your new book. Am sending this to Jacques «detailed view»
47. 1966/08/15 (#01) TLS[x] from Merton Thanks for your note and for sending the Life piece on to Jacques. I was the last man in the country «detailed view»
48. 1966/08/15 (#02) HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Comme je suis heureux qu'enfin vous alliez mieux, et que les [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
49. 1966/08/19 TLS to Merton Thank you for your note which came just as I was about to write you a message from Jacques. «detailed view»
50. 1966/08/24 TLS to Merton A note in haste to ask an act of charity of you. Lillian Smith is in Emory Hospital in Atlanta with «detailed view»
51. 1966/09/05 TLS[x] from Merton Glad to hear you are established in a convenient new place. Will look forward to your visit «detailed view»
52. 1966/09/26 TLS to Merton Your packet arrived at a splendid time since I am down from last Friday's cutting and have spent «detailed view»
53. 1966/11/16 (#01) TL[c] from Merton Just heard from Jacques today. Marvelous about Le Paysan and the Mauriac review and the sales. «detailed view»
54. 1966/11/16 (#02) TLS to Merton A brief note to tell you that the root negatives arrived in perfect condition from Canada this «detailed view»
55. 1966/11/20 TLS to Merton In haste to tell you that I have not yet sent the contacts because I have still four more rolls «detailed view»
56. 1966/11/21 HALS from Tadié, Marie I am sorry to have waited so long to answer your kind letter of September 26. But I never received [from Marie Tadié to Griffin - see "Tadié, Marie" file] «detailed view»
57. 1966/11/22 HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Merci de tu chère lettre, du 8 et du 14. Je t'écris en hâte, [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
58. 1966/11/27 TLS[x] from Merton Thanks for both letters. No rush atvall about the contact sheets, I just feared they were lost. «detailed view»
59. 1966/11/28 TLS to Fox, James The enclosed letter from Marie Tadié is self-explanatory (alas, and more, revealing) and I thought [from Griffin to Dom James Fox, Abbot of Gethsemani - see "Tadié, Marie" file] «detailed view»
60. 1966/12/07 TLS to Merton A letter from Jacques today with these "messages" for you: "Si tu as l'occasion d'ecrire a Tom «detailed view»
61. 1966/12/12 (#01) TLS to Fox, James Enlosed [sic] an excellent review of Tom;s [sic] book. Also it occurs to me that if you need an [from Griffin to Dom James Fox, Abbot of Gethsemani - see "Tadié, Marie" file] «detailed view»
62. 1966/12/12 (#02) TL[c] from Merton Many many thanks for the magnificent root prints. I signed them as you requested and have sent «detailed view»
63. 1966/12/13 (#01) TLS to Merton Only a word to tell you that the signed photos arrived back here safely and in perfect condition. «detailed view»
64. 1966/12/13 (#02) other   Yosuf Karsh [-] Andreas Feininger [-] Margaret Bourke-White [-] Earl Theissen [-] Todd Walker [enclosed with 1966/12/13 letter, in which Griffin states, "I am enclosing a list of photographers whose work is on permanent display in a Photography Hall of Fame in Los Angeles (Reseda High School)"] «detailed view»
65. 1966/12/30 TLS to Merton Very briefly to bring you up to date (if I have already done so, forgive the repeat.) Joseph Cunneen «detailed view»
66. 1966/12/no? HNS[x] from Merton Many thanks for the message from Jacques. I finally heard from Doris Dana and I think she will be [no date, but seems to reply to Griffin letter of 1966/12/07 and matches context of first visit by Doris Dana] «detailed view»
67. 1967/01/02 TLS to Merton Here are some of the prints. As I wrote you, I will send them as I make them rather than try «detailed view»
68. 1967/01/10 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for the prints of the two groups in the hermitage and of the Mass. Very fine indeed. «detailed view»
69. 1967/01/13 TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter and the mimeographed Christmas letter (which I had not seen). How nicely «detailed view»
70. 1967/02/02 TLS[x] from Merton Jacques wrote the other day. He wanted me to call you on the phone about Raissa's Journal. «detailed view»
71. 1967/02/06 TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter. In great, great haste to send an answer. When the Gallaghers of Bruce «detailed view»
72. 1967/02/18 TL[c] from Merton Thanks much for the letter and the negatives which arrive safely and are now in the stage of contact «detailed view»
73. 1967/04/03 TLS[x] to Merton In great haste. I have just been preparing a large photographic documentary on Jacques for Italian «detailed view»
74. 1967/04/05? HNS[x] from Merton OK the pictures only the hermitage must not be mentioned - no allusion to solitary life «detailed view»
75. 1967/04/22 TLS to Merton In great haste to reassure you that I sent the message to Bernard not to make any mention of any «detailed view»
76. 1967/06/21 TL[c] from Merton I don't know how you are, but I am hoping you are well enough to read this and the enclosed «detailed view»
77. 1967/06/24 (#01) TLS to Merton I think you hit it very much on the head about the Paysan. In the difficult spots, it seems «detailed view»
78. 1967/06/24 (#02) TALS to Merton I forgot to tell you that the translator called me, very unhappy about my many corrections; he said: «detailed view»
79. 1967/06/24 (#03) TALS[c] to Maritain, Jacques Je te joins une lettre que je viens écrire a Tom Merton en réponse a une lettre qu'il m'a [carbon copy enclosed to Merton of a letter from Griffin to Jacques Maritain] «detailed view»
80. 1967/06/29 TLS to Merton Just to keep you informed. A good deal has now been straightened out. Mr. Cuneen called me «detailed view»
81. 1967/07/02 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for your three letters. I certainly think the best solution is for someone to go over «detailed view»
82. 1967/07/03 TL[c] from Merton One word that I forgot to add to my letter of yesterday. I hope you have not written to Anne Ford «detailed view»
83. 1967/07/05 TLS to Merton A cable from Jacques this morning asks me to come with corrected (as much as possible) manuscript «detailed view»
84. 1967/07/06 TLS to Merton I have just received a cable from Jacques, which reads: THANKS FOR SPLENDID IDEA. HOPE «detailed view»
85. 1967/07/25 TLS to Merton A note on the eve of my departure to ask for your prayers for this venture. Right now I am like «detailed view»
86. 1967/08/04 TLS to Merton A word from here where you are so often in our thoughts. Tonight we read the letter about the death [writing from the Chateau de Kolbsheim in France while visiting Jacques Maritain] «detailed view»
87. 1967/08/24 TAL[c] from Merton Are you back? I want to get this to you before you undergo more surgery. I hope everything went «detailed view»
88. 1967/08/28 TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter and especially for the Hot Summer of Sixty Seven notes, which I will read «detailed view»
89. 1967/09/02 TL[c] from Merton Many thanks for your letter and the enclosed pix. The one of Jacques is especially charming. «detailed view»
90. 1967/09/09 TLS to Merton Greg and I worked together and very carefully on the first roll to determine the kind of development «detailed view»
91. 1967/09/12 TALS[x] from Merton God bless you and Greg. The contacts are fine, and I can see you will get marvelously sensitive «detailed view»
92. 1967/09/15 TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter and the enclosed cropped contacts. This is just to let you know what your «detailed view»
93. 1967/09/17 TLS to Merton Enclosed are six pictures on different papers (the numbers marked on the back) all of them #3 grade. «detailed view»
94. 1967/09/20 TLS to Merton Here are contact sheets C and D. One of the photos of the beautiful wheel (D10) has a red mark «detailed view»
95. 1967/09/21 TL[c] from Merton First, thanks very much for the advice about sales. Actually I have been contemplating only very «detailed view»
96. 1967/09/25 TNS to Merton Thank you for the instructions and clarifications. Yes, we will return the marked contacts when «detailed view»
97. 1967/09/26 TNS to Merton Rec'd copy of current MOTIVE this afternoon so mystery of the photos from Nashville is solved. «detailed view»
98. 1967/09/27 TLS to Merton A note from Bonazzi this morning. He wants one of your prints for a cover for Latitudes #5 (to «detailed view»
99. 1967/09/29 (#01) TLS to Merton Thank you for your letter and the check. Gregory is delighted that you are delighted. He does not «detailed view»
100. 1967/09/29 (#02) TL[c] from Merton This check is for Roll A-- and I added a little extra because of the postage. Will take care of the «detailed view»
101. 1967/10/01 (#01) TLS to Merton In a separate package I am sending you a dummy mock-up of the January Latitudes so you «detailed view»
102. 1967/10/01 (#02) TLS[x] from Merton I marked the contacts for cropping but they were too late for yesterday's mail. They'll go out, like «detailed view»
103. 1967/10/02 TLS to Merton Forgive the influx. Poor Gregory is about to lose his mind and so am I. He is home today from «detailed view»
104. 1967/10/03 (#01) TLS[c] to Bonazzi, Robert Gregory and I are in a dudgeon over these Merton photos. After we mocked up a first cover. [carbon copy sent to Merton - see 1967/10/03[2] for note to Merton typed on the same page] «detailed view»
105. 1967/10/03 (#02) TN to Merton You will probably have the prints from E&F when you receive this. I enclose a marvelous can [note to Merton typed on the same page as 1967/10/03[1] letter to Robert Bonazzi] «detailed view»
106. 1967/10/03 (#03) TL[c] from Merton Thanks for the two possibilities for the Latitude covers. Actually I much prefer the big stones: «detailed view»
107. 1967/10/03 (#04) TALS[x] from Merton Thanks for the two possiblities for the Latitude covers. Actually I much prefer the big stones: «detailed view»
108. 1967/10/08 TLS to Merton A hasty word to tell you that Bonazzi was here, and before I told him your choice of cover, «detailed view»
109. 1967/10/13 TLS to Merton Weird things - your cropped sheets of E & F, mailed there Sept. 30, postmarked Fr. Worth, Sept. «detailed view»
110. 1967/10/16 TL[c] from Merton I'm glad everything is settled with Bonazzi, and happy he can use the materials. Glad too that the «detailed view»
111. 1967/11/06 TLS to Merton Your letter to Gregory this morning reminds me that I have not written to thank you for sending «detailed view»
112. 1967/12/01? TLS[x] from Merton This year has gone by fast, and not without sorrows. Besides the death of Victor Hammer last summer «detailed view»
113. 1967/12/08 TL[c] from Merton Just time for a brief note, to enclose this check for Greg, before I go down to concelebrate «detailed view»
114. 1967/12/10 TCS to Merton Thanks for your wonderful personal letter and Christmas letter. The services have carried the news «detailed view»
115. 1967/12/15 TCS to Merton Your pix are done and just marvelous. Greg even made you a few of these cards just for the fun «detailed view»
116. 1967/12/no? HCS[x] from Merton Love and joy to all of you at Christmas. Thanks for everything, all the marvelous prints «detailed view»
117. 1968/01/05 TAL[c] from Merton At last the Christmas rush is over and I can breathe again. Thanks for your good letter about the «detailed view»
118. 1968/01/08 TLS to Merton As soon as the "donor" returns from a short trip, I will contact him about the camera. What you «detailed view»
119. 1968/02/03 TLS[x] from Merton Did Greg ever get a chance to look at those three rolls of film I sent at the beginning of Jan? «detailed view»
120. 1968/03/03 TLS[x] from Merton Just a word to thank you for the marvelous photo autographed by Jacques and you. Dan has told me «detailed view»
121. 1968/03/12 TLS to Merton Thank you for Greg's check which arrived today. Now, I have some business to discuss about «detailed view»
122. 1968/03/15 HLS[x] from Merton Your letter came in this morning. I think the camera idea is a very practical one and I'll also «detailed view»
123. 1968/03/27 TL[c] from Merton Your letter about the camera was one of the most exciting things that ever happened. THE most «detailed view»
124. 1968/03/29 TL[c] from Merton It is fabulous. What a joy of a thing to work with. I am sending the two first rolls and hoping «detailed view»
125. 1968/04/01 TLS to Merton I cannot tell you how happy Greg and I are that you like the camera and lenses. That 100mm lens «detailed view»
126. 1968/04/04 HLS to Merton I think of you and men like you this sleepless night. I announced Dr. King's death at my lecture [written from the Travelodge hotel in Utica, New York] «detailed view»
127. 1968/04/14 TLS to Merton Ihave [sic] been processing my Washington and Baltimore photos and fell into such grief I could not [photocopy of one of Merton's photographs of a niche in the cloister wall of Gethsemani with a piece of art with Mary and the baby Jesus] «detailed view»
128. 1968/04/16 HLS[x] from Merton Pix and letter arrived today a quick answer (hence the messy paper): By all means come the 26th. «detailed view»
129. 1968/05/01 TCS to Merton This is a great portrait in a blow-up, certainly the best since the ones I took on my first visit. [close-up photograph of Merton by Griffin on card] «detailed view»
130. 1968/05/03 TLS to Merton Am back in town for four days and write you late at night and in great haste. Gregory will get «detailed view»
131. 1968/05/04 HLS[x] from Merton Picture is fine. Go ahead and use - I've aged a bit. Hope you are ok - sorry for walking you off «detailed view»
132. 1968/05/15 HPCS[x] from Merton Just leaving for New Mexico after 8 days at this fabulous convent of the Redwoods, 200 mi. north «detailed view»
133. 1968/05/24 TLS[x] from Merton Many thanks for the contacts and especially for the marvelous blowups. I am so happy that «detailed view»
134. 1968/06/20 TALS[x] from Merton Thanks so much for the magnifying glass which arrived safely. It is certainly a great help. «detailed view»
135. 1968/07/01 TLS[x] from Merton Many thanks for all the new contacts-- everything arrived ok. I'd like to put in a small order «detailed view»
136. 1968/07/03 TPCS to Merton Have done the special order. These are some of the most beautiful ones you have ever made. I judge «detailed view»
137. 1968/07/13 TLS to Merton No, Gregory does not want to give up handling your processing, and he was distressed that you «detailed view»
138. 1968/07/17 TLS[x] from Merton Happy to get your letter. I understand perfectly, and there is no hurry -- but hope to get prints «detailed view»
139. 1968/08/03 TL[c] from Merton Gawd, I never saw anyone whose physical appearance was so affected by a Papal Encyclical. «detailed view»
140. 1968/08/15 TLS[x] from Merton The calligraphy took an awful long time to get here-- maybe two weeks or more. I am sending a note «detailed view»
141. 1968/08/21 TLS[x] from Merton Really distressing about those chemicals! Fortunately I got a couple of the ones I liked best into «detailed view»
142. 1968/08/28 TALS[x] from Merton Many, many thanks for all the fine prints. They are more handsome than ever. I hope to use quite «detailed view»
143. 1968/08/31? HNS[x] from Merton Many, many thanks for all the fine prints. They are more handsome than ever. I hope to use quite «detailed view»
144. 1968/08/no? (#01) TLS to Merton Just trying to be good Catholics, Love, John [refers to enclosure] «detailed view»
145. 1968/08/no? (#02) other   GRIFFIN SUPPORTS POPE'S BIRTH CONTROL STATEMENT FT. WORTH, TX--- J. Griffin, [a humorous enclosure meant to look like a press release making light of the Pope Paul VI's statement against birth control - includes a photograph of an African wood carving which Griffin states is a portrait by his wife of him] «detailed view»
146. 1968/09/14 HLS[x] from Merton Two rolls will be coming to you from out here. I think I have better ones of the Church now and they [written from the Monastery of Christ in the Desert, Abiquiu, New Mexico] «detailed view»
147. 1968/11/09 TLS[x] from Merton Today I am sending out a box of five films which cover most of what I have taken in India and so far [written on stationery of the Hotel Imperial, New Delhi, India] «detailed view»
148. 1968/12/07 HLS[x] from Merton Japan airlines hit me for overweight yesterday - I hit back by moving up to 1st class (where the [written on stationery of the Oriental Hotel, Bangkok] «detailed view»
149. 1968/12/11 telegram[x]  from Hart, Patrick / to John Howard Griffin WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU OF THE DEATH OF FATHER THOMAS MERTAON [sic] IN BANGKOK «detailed view»
150. 1968/12/26 HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Merci de tout coeur de tes chères lettres, mon bien-aimé John. [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
151. 1969/09/18 TLS[x] from Say, Celestine Thank you for your letter of September 9. It was thoughtful of you to send me copies of the photo [group of priests and men and women religious identified from a group photo taken at the 1968 meeting Merton attended in Bangkok (the photograph is in the Merton Collection, B1968-12-16 / photo included: Very Rev. Maxime Thong, Prior, Cistercian Abbey of Phuoc-Sor, Thu-Duc, South Vietnam; Rev. Jean Leclercq, Abbey of Clairvaux, Luxembourg; Merton; Rt. Rev. Abbot C. P. Tholens, Secretariat, Aide a l'Implantation Monastique; Sister Marie de la Croix, Cistercian Abbey of Notre Dame de Lourdes, Seiboen, Jurenji, Japan; Rev. Paul Gordan, Secretariat, A.I.M. (Beuron, Germany); Sr. Beda Kim, Fatima Hospital, Taegu, South Korea; and Rev. Mother Rosemarie Enriquez, Prioress, Immaculate Heart of Mary Abbey, Vigan, Ilocos, Sur, Philippines] «detailed view»
152. 1970/07/18 HLS[x] from Maritain, Jacques Merci de m'avois écrit. Ta lettre [reference to Merton] «detailed view»
153. 1970/07/20 TALS[x] from Eliasoph, Paula My friendship with Thomas Merton was by correspondence, although I was a contemporary of his father, [see also "Eliasoph, Paula (Rubin)" file in Section A] «detailed view»
154. 1970/08/10 TL[x] from Devereux, Don The box of 30 color slides from May 1968 represent photos taken variously in three general locations [from Don Devereux (see also Devereux file) to Br. Patrick Hart and Griffin - identifies locations of 30 color slides Merton took in May 1968 on this trip to New Mexico (possibly corresponding to 1129-1161 in Merton's photographs) including three main locations: area around Poshuuingue (Pueblo Indian village) and the Tewa World Shrine (45 miles northwest of Santa Fe); Ghost Ranch where Georgia O'Keeffe was in residence; and the Monastery of Christ in the Desert «detailed view»
155. 1971/07/12 TLS[x] from Marshall, Thomas M. Father Merton was diagnosed as having cervical spondylosis for which an anterior cervical fusion [in Michael Mott papers from Northwestern - likely medical records requested by John Howard Griffin on a procedure on Merton's back, March 25, 1966] «detailed view»
156. 1971/07/13 TLS[x] from Gilmore, Alan This lettter represents an attempt to record an 'anecdote' or two connection with my memories [from Fr. M. Alan Gilmore, O.C.S.O. of Gethsemani Abbey] «detailed view»
157. 1971/08/20 (#01) TLS[x] from Gilmore, Alan Thank you for your letter. I'm happy that those anecdotes will help in some way. I have looked [from Br. Benedict, O.C.S.O. of Gethsemani Abbey] «detailed view»
158. 1971/08/20 (#02) TL[x] to Fox, James A note in haste about a point concerning Sy Freedgood's last visit to Gethsemani.. «detailed view»
159. 1971/08/28 TLS[x] from Fox, James I received your charming note of 8/20. Yes, I have vivid recollections of Sy's visit. I remember «detailed view»
160. 1971/12/03 TLS[x] from Waddell, Chrysogonus Brother Pat has passed on to me your letter of Nov. 24, with its paragraph asking about Fr. Louis «detailed view»
161. 1975/10/21 TL[x] to Palivic, Tom Forgive me if I did not decipher your name correctly. Your lettter of October 19 just arrived. «detailed view»
162. 1977/11/23 other[x]   A brave man nears his death [-] 'People find out at the end that all of those things they believe [article about Griffin by Bruce Buursma in the November 23, 1977 issue of the Louisville Courier-Journal, Section C, p. 1] «detailed view»
163. 1977/11/no other   Dying Like Me [-] Thurston Smith interviews John Howard Griffin [-] John Howard Griffin is best [interview with Griffin in the November 1977 issue of U.S. Catholic, pp. 22-26] «detailed view»
164. undated/05/27 HLS[x] from Bamberger, John Eudes I just got back; last evening I read your letter and was very glad to have a word from you again. «detailed view»
165. undated/no/no (#01) HNS[x] from Merton (Please make all glossy this time) You'll get my letter along with this - Just wanted to use «detailed view»
166. undated/no/no (#02) other[x] from Merton for John Howard Griffin with all my friendship [-] Tom. [book transferred to Sub-Section B.6 with inscription by Merton to John Howard Griffin inside Cables to the Ace] «detailed view»
167. undated/no/no (#03) other[x] from Merton +for John Howard Griffin in union of prayer and concern. Thomas Merton [bound mimeograph of "Peace in the Post-Christian Era" transferred to Sub-Section D.9 with inscription by Merton to John Howard Griffin] «detailed view»

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