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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence
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Volume: 20 item(s); 26 pg(s)

Scope and Content

This file contains statements by Thomas Merton's doctors reporting on his numerous health problems. There are also letters from Merton to his doctors.


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See also the "Bamberger, John Eudes" file for many notes related to Merton's health and doctors' visits.

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1. 1944/03/04 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar Chest [-] Novice Louis Merton [-] Lesion in the lung suggests a postpnewmonic [sic] process although «detailed view»
2. 1944/05/05 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar Conclusions: Chest X-Ray Report: Negative for clinical T.B. Tracheo-bronchitis with old hilum. «detailed view»
3. 1944/09/04 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar CHEST [-] Negative for clinical tuberculosis. Recommendations: Re-xray in year's time or sooner if «detailed view»
4. 1946/01/12 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar CHEST, Dr. Oscar O. Miller, M.D. Negative for clinical tuberculosis. Recommendation: A yearly x-ray; «detailed view»
5. 1947/01/22 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar CHEST, Dr. O.O. Miller, M.D. Pulmonary tuberculosis, minimal. Left upper slightly unstable. «detailed view»
6. 1947/05/01 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar Conclusion: Negative for pulmonary tuberculosis. Doubtful past minimal left apex. Right root will «detailed view»
7. 1948/03/09 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar Chest, O.O. Miller, M.D. Pulminary tuberculosis, minimal/ both apices more marked left apparently «detailed view»
8. 1948/10/18 TN[x] from Miller, Oscar Chest: Dr. O.O. Miller [-] Comparison with previous films - the left lung has remained reasonably «detailed view»
9. 1952/05/28 TN[x] from Maxwell, E. N. The cardiovascular shadows are normal. The lungs are clear. Comparison with previous films shows no «detailed view»
10. 1959/07/28 TN[x]  from Mulligan, Jack / to John Eudes Bamberger Thorough examintion, [sic] most of it showed normal tolerances. Diet problems: allergy keeps him «detailed view»
11. 1967/05/25 TN[x]  from Smith, Tom Jerry / to Marvin Lucas Rev. Thomas Merton, whom you so kindly sent to me and with whose history you are familiar, was seen «detailed view»
12. 1967/05/30 HNS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry The serum was reserved and administered. Many thanks. I hope to be there. Monday, June 5th. «detailed view»
13. 1967/12/23 HNS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry Will you please send some more of the serum? Many thaks and a joyous, happy Christmas «detailed view»
14. 1968/06/03 TLS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry The new shots seem to be helping. Could you please send me more milk drops? I'd be grateful. «detailed view»
15. 1968/07/14 TLS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry I am going to take a trip on business to Japan and Indonesia this fall. Consequently I will need «detailed view»
16. 1968/11/21 HPCS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry I have had a busy and fruitful month in India. Met many interesting people and had three long talks «detailed view»
17. 1970/09/15 TLS[x]  from Smith, Tom Jerry / to John Howard Griffin Rev. Thomas Merton was referred to me by Dr. Marvin Lucas and wa first seen in my office on 2 May «detailed view»
18. 1970/09/15 TLS[x]  from Griffin, John Howard / to Tom Jerry Smith Thank you with all my heart for your detailed letter and the xerox copies of your correspondence «detailed view»
19. undated/no/no (#01) HNS[x] to Smith, Tom Jerry Will you please let me have some more of the #8 milk drops? Many thanks [-] Thomas Merton «detailed view»
20. undated/no/no (#02) HNS[x] from Smith, Tom Jerry As I indicated, when you were in the office, the vaccine is different than that which you took here «detailed view»

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