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McDonnell, Thomas P.

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Record Group: Section A - Correspondence

Dates of materials: 1961-1967

Volume: 49 item(s); 90 pg(s)

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Thomas P. McDonnell was a staff writer for The Pilot, a publication of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts. He often wrote book reviews about Merton's books, edited A Thomas Merton Reader, and interviewed Merton for Motive, a magazine affiliated with the Methodist Student Movement. McDonnell often sent Merton other reviews and articles he had written for The Pilot and other publications.

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See also the "Stiles, B. J." file; and see also Cold War Letters #62 and #64 published in Witness to Freedom, pp. 47-48.

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 1961/11/09 TLSto MertonI had hoped, after shortly returning home -- and especially after receiving the Preface -- to write   
 1961/11/27 TLSto MertonIt was not until very recently that I came upon the "only copy" you loaned me of <u>Trappist</u>   
 1962/03/28 transcriptfrom MertonI owe you once again, five or six letters. Thanks for the most recent one which did not strike meYes [Cold War Letters #62 - transcript from bound set]
 1962/04/no? transcriptfrom MertonThanks for your good letter and the enclosures. And for the previous one which I do not thinkYes [Cold War Letters #64 - transcript from bound set]
 1962/05/26 TALS[x]from MertonQuick answers: 1) Better Wisdom of Emptiness than Theology of Creativity. You can use your   
 1963/01/11 TAL[c]from MertonI have come out of the Christmas whirl with a bout of flu and am buried under unanswered letters,   
 1963/02/08 TAL[c]from MertonGood to hear from you and to have the Dumpulin bk. Paul Peachey, the Mennonite who translated it,   
 1964/07/27 TLSto MertonEnclosed see column I did last week. A couple of reference notes: Roxbury is Boston's Harlem;   
 1964/08/03 TLSto MertonPerhaps your novices--to say nothing of yourself--might like to see the enclosed items of possible   
 1964/08/12 TLSto MertonListen, for several years now I've been quite taken with Leopold Senghor, both the man and his   
 1964/09/03 TAL[c]from MertonI am swimming in a pile of unanswered letters and this does not make for coolness or good sense,   
 1965/04/13 (#01)TLSto MertonOh, good grief, Merton finally made it -- in the 10 x 13½ pages of HOLIDAY! And, collector's item   
 1965/04/13 (#02)TLSto MertonPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS: Just an addnote. Mary Stack McNiff this past minute   
 1965/04/24 TL[c]from MertonI know. Its just that I am sandbagged with mail and at this point I am answering somewhat less than   
 1965/05/14 TLSto MertonSee the paragraph on "Rain &amp; Rhinoceros" in Tangents column, page 4.   
 1965/12/14 (#01)TLSto MertonI had been asked by The Boston Globe, some weeks ago, to review <u>Seasons of Celebration</u>   
 1965/12/14 (#02)otherto MertonTANGENTS [-] Robert Lowell and Chekhov's Gun on the Wall [-] After ROBERT LOWELL'S reading  [1965/12/11 article from <u>The Pilot</u> of Boston, Massachusetts]
 1965/12/14 (#03)otherto MertonSEASONS OF CELEBRATION, by Thomas Merton. Farrar, Straus &amp; Giroux. 248 pp. $4.95.  [book review by McDonnell of <i>Seasons of Celebration</i> - McDonnell writes very negatively about this book and does not think it is up to the quality of Merton's other books]
 1965/12/17 TL[c]from MertonI have no objections whatever to your review. You are perfectly entitled to your opinion   
 1966/07/22 (#01)TLSto MertonI thought you might be amused to see our this week's "Tangents" in The Pilot.   
 1966/07/22 (#02)otherto MertonTANGENTS [-] The Church Mouse That Almost Roared [-] By THOMAS P. McDONNELL [-] (PILOT Staff  [1966/07/23 article from <u>The Pilot</u> of Boston, Massachusetts]
 1966/11/28 (#01)TLSto MertonThe enclosed, as you will note, is from the Sunday edition of The Boston Globe. The typos are   
 1966/11/28 (#02)otherto MertonThomas Merton Today [-] CONJECTURES OF A GUILTY BYSTANDER, By Thomas Merton;  [1966/11/27 book review from the <u>Boston Globe</u> by Thomas P. McDonnell]
 1967/01/11 TLSto MertonThanks very, very much for the ND 19--marvelous stuff in it, especially of course the Alberti,   
 1967/01/16 TL[c]from MertonThanks for your very good letter of the 11th, and your column on the Christmas shopping which   
 1967/03/06 TLSto MertonHere are the Qs for the dialog project. I suppose that I am more in them than I ought to be.   
 1967/03/12 (#01)TL[c]from MertonYour questions are first rate. The answers are in the works. I hope to get them off to you by   
 1967/03/12 (#02)other I [-] Let's start with <u>The Seven Storey Mountain</u>, Father Louis, because I have the more than  [typescript of McDonnell's original questions to Merton and Merton's original handwritten responses (later both the questions and the responses were changed)]
 1967/03/13 TLSto MertonSorry to hear about the elbow. At least this may keep you from hoisting all those beers that you   
 1967/03/15 (#01)TLSto MertonBig snowstorm screaming in Boston now (at the office--outside, that is) so I want to get this off   
 1967/03/15 (#02)otherto MertonBooks MTW....A.M. STRESSES IN THE PEACEABLE KINGDOM, by Stephen Sandy. Houghton Mifflin  [book review by McDonnell sent to Merton]
 1967/03/20 TL[c]from MertonYour revised questions are fine: they have much more bite. Unfortunately when I got them I had   
 1967/04/10 TLSto MertonWell, here it is. And really, TM, I think it's a pretty good job all around. I tried to correlate   
 1967/04/14 TL[c]from MertonI really think that this conversation shaped up very nicely indeed. So let's go. Since it is   
 1967/04/24 TALSto MertonYes, that's a real unwelcome lump--the "next year" deal. I had already sent BJS the ms. last Friday   
 1967/04/28 TL[c]from MertonThanks for your of the 24. By all means I think it would be too much to hold the interview another   
 1967/05/18 TLSto MertonI guess (see enclosed) that B.J. Stiles is pretty well hooked on the interview piece, and that there   
 1967/05/20 (#01)TL[c]from MertonI am glad of Stile's reaction: very good. Actually, Motive is the best possible place   
 1967/05/20 (#02)TL[c] from Merton to B. J. StilesTom McDonnell has forwarded to me your good positive reaction to the interview and I am happy about   
 1967/05/26 TLSto MertonThese are the carbons of the submitted version to JBStiles of MOTIVE. I've made Xerox copies   
 1967/06/27 TLSto MertonHow's the Gethsemani countryside these days of earliest summer...the corn apears [sic] inching   
 1967/06/30 TL[c]from MertonThanks for the Voznesensky poems: I like him a lot. I understand the best translation of him   
 1967/07/21 (#01)TLSto MertonA couple of recent columns. The 7/8 one drew some response--for instance, Fr. Richard Butler, O.P.   
 1967/07/21 (#02)otherto MertonBless Me, Father-- For I Have <i>What?</i> By THOMAS P. McDONNELL [-] (PILOT Staff Writer)  [1967/07/08 article from <u>The Pilot</u>]
 1967/07/21 (#03)otherto MertonThe Decline &amp; Fall Of Socratic Dialog [-] By THOMAS P. McDONNELL [-] (PILOT Staff Writer)   
 1967/08/09 TLSto MertonPlease note this page from <u>New Zealand Tablet</u>, by one Malcolm Muggeridge, whom you may   
 1967/08/11 TL[c]from MertonThank for your letter and the clippings. And for the tip off about Fr Clifford Stevens.   
 1967/10/no other[x] motive [-] October 1967 [-] Sixty Cents  [photocopy of McDonnell's interview with Merton as published in <u>Motive</u>]
 undated/no/no otherfrom MertonANSWERS TO T. MCDONNELL. [-] I- Yes, I'll accept "The Seven Storey Mountain" as a point  [typescript of Merton's answers to McDonnell for <u>Motive</u>]

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